MAC Archies Girls Collection - Pictures and Details

Jan 18, 2013


Yeah...they sure are great! And MAC is bringing a collection featuring the Archies Girls - Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge.

The first time I saw them on one blog, I completely ignored them but today I realized its talked around everywhere. There are leaked pictured, people discussing and guessing. I personally do not have much idea but I think here is what I got after lot of googling.

The collection includes two lines of products-

Betty Cooper - The Girl-Next-Door Blonde

Eyeliner - Black Swan (black with gold pearl) eyeliner

Mascara - Optimum Black opulash mascara.

Eyeshadow Palette - Caramel Sundae eyeshadow palette 
includes Cheryl Chic, Dreammaker, Caramel Sundae & Showstopper

Blush - Cream Soda (Light neutral coral satin)

Face Powder - Flatter Me Pearlmatte face powder.

Lipstick - Bright Betty (pic below) and Something Sweet

Lipgloss - Summer Sweetheart.

Veronica Lodge - The Vivacious, Spoiled, Rich Brunette

Eyeliner - Designer Purple pearlglide intense eyeliner.

Mascara - Bad, Bad, Black (saturated with intense black with extra volumisation) opulash mascara

Eyeshadow Palette - Spoiled Rich eyeshadow palette.

Blush - Veronica's Blush Pearlmatte face powder.

Lipstick - Ronnie Red (bright red) and Daddy's Little Girl (purple) lipstick 

Lipgloss - Cheers My Dear and Mall Madness

There is a huge discussion on at specktra. Here are some tempting pics from Instagram and specktra



Here is a pic of lipsticks and Blush from both line. Tempted?


Does the blush reminds of PF Mood Boosting Blush?

Still not satisfied with the pic? Want to see more? I will add more here when I catch something interesting  Also, people can register at MAC website and they will let you know when the collection (or any other collection in future) is launched.

But I do not know if this is applicable for anywhere outside US.

Lets some at least this one come to India soon. 
Excited about this one?

Source of product details A/B


  1. wow the packaging is beautiful but lemme not dishearten u by saying that the formulas are very very bad and inferior quality....blushers are good btw..

  2. Omg I am definitely a Veronica! XD <<--- SPOILED DADDY'S GIRL! XD and damn those blushes and veronica's red lipstick I really want to check out!

  3. Eeeek!! I want that ronnie red the betty blush, and the face powders. And also the caramel sundae palette. :D

  4. Replies
    1. thankfully MAC is having different packaging for its collections now

  5. While the packaging is cute, it feels kiddish.

  6. hi!I had seen you at the metro station today.wanted to come and meet you but by that time you already sat in the auto.....welcome back to Delhi....hope you enjoy your stay

    1. I am sorry but you must have seen someone else...

    2. i mean i saw you last friday.....u were wearing a green top and had a suitcase with you...

  7. Loved the blushes and cute lipstick packaging but the eyeshadows don't look that great!

  8. Omg. Can't wait for the collection. ..excited and anxiously waiting...definitely buying the red lipstick and most of veronica collection


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