Happy New Year '13 Nail Art and My 12 Best Moments from 2012

Jan 1, 2013


I think most of you reading it are out of your hangover or are feeling lazy in you bed (I am in the second phase now!). So, Hellooooooo darling! 2013 is here!!!

Hope it brings great luck for you and things that you will cherish forever.

I hope you find the love of your life if you haven't so far and of you have then I wish you get to spend more wonderful time.......this is the frustration of long distance love speaking!

I had lot of ideas and things planned but I am doing only one. So, he following are my beauty related aha-ohh-yeah moments. Read on those 12 moments from 2012

1. The Discovery of Lush Aqua Marina - I talked about it here when my skin took a 180 degree turn and this stopped from all those pimples from mushrooming on my face.

2. The Love from Sigma Duo Fibre Brush - Lucky me who shopped from Sigma.com, I found F55. And, then I realized how fun it was to apply foundation. I always used the flat rounded tips ones and never achieved what I needed. Now, I even apply a tinted moisturized with this! I am also getting F50 sometime soon.

3. The Opening of Sephora in India - Untill a month or two back for straight 2 years, I had dreams of going to Malaysia or US just to go to Sephora! Now that its opened here I am super delighted. I am keeping a close eye on each development going on there as I am yet to visit it but it surely was one of my hellaluja moment when around 7:30 PM of 22nd December 2012, it opened in India.

4. The Relaunch of Mehr - Don't you hate it when you miss something from the MAC Limited Editions. I missed Mehr in the Mickey Contractor Range from early 2011 but now MAC has launched it in the Middle Eastern Collection and now its permanent! I reviewed/swatched it here and I am still serious about (probably) naming my daughter Mehr!!!

5. The Affair with  Eye Shadow Palettes -  I always wished to get Sleek eye shadow palettes and I finally got 2 this year Ohh So Special and Me Myself and Eye. I also luckily got the Sleek Avoir la Peche from a blog sale which I was dreaming of having for a year. But the award was surely won by Physicians Formula N*de Strip. I wore it for a  month straight!

6. The Winning of Shu Umera Eye lash Curler - There are things that we always wish to have but never thing of buying because either they are too costly or not available or not worth it. The Shu Umera was something that was in the first two category and my happiness knew no boundary when I won the Shu Umera Eye Lash Curler.

7. The  Crush with Cream Non Shimmer Blush - I left using brush after I shifted to Kolkata but then I got a crush with Cream Blushes. I still use the non shimmer ones! The ones that I have using everyday for last 2 months are NYX Rose Petal.

8. The Bravery with Sheer Lip Colors - I was always afraid of sheer lip colors. I didn't even used lip glosses because they are sheer but I tried with Max Factor Elixer Pink Brandy which looked great on me and then I went ahead and got Clinique Chubby Sticks recently which I am loving a lot.

9. The Army of Pink Lipsticks - I started the year with just one pink lipstick and now I have more than 10 perfect pink lipsticks of different undertones, finish and color - very very happy. I will definitely own more as I realized which suits me. The biggest moment in the whole journey was when I discovered Bourjois Rose Folk and SA confirmed me because it went OOS coz of me!!

10. The Need for Bronzer - There are things you thought you never thought you wanted but then you get something and then you realized that you NEED it! Same story with Bronzer and one who changed my thoughts was Physicians Formula Cashmere Bronzer

11. The Festival of Online Shopping in India - I thought I will be depended only on ebay.in but then I discovered the Indian Online stores with loads of offer and sale. Then came in the scene more and more online store and I come in know about a new one in 2-3 weeks - each more amazing than the other. I felt bad that Stylecraze stopped sales, Medplusbeauty delivery service became worse, number of sales and offers dwindled down and Urbantouch went to FashionAndYou but it will be better so, repeat after me - All iz well, All is well...

12. The Shower of Shipped Goods  - At points when the Indian market or Indian online stores could not satisfy me, I discovered super cool ebay.com seller, sleek, sigma and B2N. Now I know that if I need anything (ANYTHING!) then I know where to go. I just was not confident enough to shop from the Korean/Chinese online shops but I will shop this year from them!

I had lot of plans throughout the year for the last day post - things I learned in 2012, things I did or experienced for the first time but I was quite upset and if you are from India then I need not tell you why. I will surely do those when I feeling better! 

Keep yourself safe and enjoy the next year.

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