Yummy Raspberry Pie - Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Swatch and Review

Dec 18, 2012

Do you watch Grey's Anatomy? I am still in Season ONE but did you ever wondered what most of the girls wears on their lips? The beautiful i-just-ate-a-raspberry-tint? I guess they use this. Just a Guess.

When I saw Lip Butter first, I was completely against them. Seriously! I had a not-so-good-experience with my Colorburst Lipstick so, Colorburst Lip Butter is surely not going to impress me. But slowly there was something calling me towards it.

I went to the store to check them. Swatched all of them on hand at once and realized that the darker shades are much more pigmented and they last longer. I had to choose something from the darker shades and I was quite tied between Candied Apple and this and Raspberry Pie won the battle.

Though its like the glossy sister of Maybelline Hooked On Pink, I still feel its unique.

The formula is silky smooth - yes, like those Cadbury Silk ads - I intend to do something like that with this but, luckily it does not smell yummy. You don't need to exfoliate your lips to wear this. It does to not settle on lines or enhances them. Plus, it leaves behind a intense beautiful tint even after it wears off. Yes, the Meredith Grey and Izzie Stevens Raspberry tint. Its just that which make this shade completely worth it.

Price - 600INR for 2.55gm

Overall - A Must buy for everyone who loves lip tints and not afraid of rich vibrant shades.


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