What I Did on Blog's Birthday - Clicked and Ate at The Rouge and Spaghetti Kitchen, Kolkata

Dec 2, 2012

I clicked pics. I clicked like crazy. 

My mom got irritated because I was clicking so much and yes, she does not know about the blog - not a single hint. No one in my office or none of my friends know other than boy and one sweet girl in NCR. 

Actually, blog turned ONE on 1st Dec but I am posting on 2nd Dec because I spent the day clicking pics, collecting my new spects and eating. Reached home at 10 PM and after editing the pics here I am with you guys. After after some quick edits, I did the anniversary post

Food is always a part of me celebrating anything and this was no  other excuse.I went to rouge for a red velvet cake and macaroons(Check out the pic here). I also had a milkshake with a funny name - D K Bose! (In case you are not aware then there is a song and few things related to this). I have been there earlier and did a small post on them here.

Tea cups with heart candle, Macaroon Mountain, Tea Set with Pots and Cups candle, Colored sugar inside milk bottles which are also used to serve milkshakes
The Rouge - Clockwise from Top Left - Tea cups with heart candle, Macaroon Mountain, Tea Set with Pots and Cups candle, Colored sugar inside milk bottles which are also used to serve milkshakes

I also went to The Spaghetti Kitchen and was delighted to find two dishes that I thought I would never be able to eat again after I first had them in Bangalore in 2009. Its just Girellini di Pollo and Spaghetti con Polpettine but then not everyone can it do it the perfect way. I was skeptical but was amazed with the taste and quality. Girellini di Pollo is presented on a spinach bed which blended together perfectly with the mustard lemon sauce. Spaghetti con Polpettine was also amazing.

I have been to other Spaghetti Kitchen but it was just over priced normal food. This time I am amazed  I will surely visit them again...very soon

Girellini di Pollo, Spaghetti con Polpettine, Virgin Mary  from Spaghetti Kitchen Kolkata India
The Spaghetti Kitchen Kolkata - Clockwise from Top Left - Girellini di Pollo, Spaghetti con Polpettine, Virgin Mary

New Camera ? Now if you are a reader here then you might be aware that I do not have a camera. I used to have a awesome camera (check the pics in my blog before Aug) and then due to some smartness I did it got broke. I was using my mobile after that - people might have not noticed much difference because the camera is awesome with auto focus. I was waiting that I will get an SLR for my B-Day but then day before yesterday some freak got into me that I need to buy a camera NOWI cannot do lip swatches on my terrace with loads of lipsticks with an SLR while my neighbor is staring and trying to process what I am doing. I need a point and shoot which great processor and I got one.Yes dear ladies not SLR. Also, moving around and doing random posts would become impossible because I cannot carry a SLR when no one knows why the hell I am talking pics of a nail polish bottle.

Have you ever been to The Rouge or The Spaghetti Kitchen?


  1. wow, the food looks yum! So u already purchased a new camera or you are planning to? My family members don't know about my blog lol but my dad knows and he is more excited about it then I am haha. Which is always great ^_^. I am sure one day when you announce that you do blogging side my side I bet your mom would be curious to know more about it! :D

  2. Happy Birthday to Sweet & Bitter :)...and I loveee Rouge and Spaghetti Kitchen

  3. omg...everything looks so yummm...i can eat the whole macaroon tower..lol
    nice clicks btw and an ideal way of celebrating your blogversary <3
    just curious..why blogging is such a secret...

    1. Blogging is secret mainly because I love buying this. I do not want to give the impression that I buy because I need to write about it. LOL

  4. The food looks so yum :D
    Btw, congratulations on the blogversary! :)
    I love reading your blog.. Keep up the good work :)

  5. I would say if you want to buy a point and shoot, go for the Canon A1200. I have been using one for the last year or so, and its gorgeous as a point and shoot.

    1. Thanks for suggesting. I need something with a better processor so, I already got one with DIGIG5


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