Wear Your Opinion - Funny Tees With A Fresh Twist

Dec 22, 2012

Did you noticed Just Did it, mere Pass Maal Hai and Budbak!!! ???

Look what I found - Wear Your Opinion. Other than a handful of brands, young guys in India does not have much fun tees producers. I was amazed by WYO when I stumbled upon their website once long back.

Every week they add a new design which sells at Rs 399 and after that its moved to archive and sold at Rs 449. 100% cotton, 180 g.s.m. The design he is wearing is UP now and so, for Rs 399.

Also, when they come with a design, they also post something in their FB with the pic. Know the 'something' of the following tee.

"Yeh Jo World Hai Na World Ismein Bahut Prakar Ke Praani Rehte Hai. But There Exists A Unique Species, They Look Like Humans But Unke Karmo Se Woh Gadhe Hote Hai. Aise Gadhe Har Jagah Paaye Jaate Hai. And Thanks To Our Government, Liberty Of Speech Is No Longer Valid. But Here Is A Better Idea, Wear This Colourful Tshirt And You Can Literally Kick Some Ass (Donkey Wala...)

What actually pulled all my attention to the stall was the following tee. Hilarious.

"Oye Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle All The Way...
Ghanta Claus Is Coming.... With An Empty Sledge
This Christmas we introduce – Ghanta Claus – a.k.a Sant Baba Ghanta Wale. But here is the catch - this Baba will not get you anything. Whether you have been naughty or nice doesn't interest him either. What he can promise is a lot of laughs once you buy this tee. So what are you waiting for? Buy this tshirt and let the Balle Balle of merry Christmas begin!"

If you are girl reading happily that you found something to gift someone special then here is the link to the shop.

If you are girl thinking whats there for me? Its only for boy you said then I must introduce this text here - They also sell in female fitting.

In case you are kind of girl like me who is still stuck on the word Stall and thinking what stall and where then I must say - Same pinch for being as wierd as me and the stall was outside Forum mall, Elgin Kolkata. There is a fair kind of thing there with loads of young designers and peppy things. They also have DJ and food there - brownies, pasta, etc.
Do visit. I am thinking of going there again but I have too much piled up for me now. Arghhhhh.


  1. I went there day before yesterday :) Saw his stall and the Ghanta claus one was my fave too :D the shops there were so cute and the place looked extremely colorful with all the hullaballoo :D

  2. Replies
    1. This is a temporary stall. You can shop online from anywhere in India

  3. Cute stuff :) You should check out Captainkyso.com, they have very cute tees too!


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