My Crazy Experiments to Get Straight Hair - Pulling, Cutting, Burning, Chemicals

Dec 19, 2012

Being born with a head full of curly hair was not cool when I was a kid. Especially when I grew up in north east states and everyone having origins from there has thick, dense and straight hair. Not having straight hair seems like I was defective – super defective.

The following were the ideas that I used as a kid or until recently. It only lists the most absurd ones I could remember now.

Idea No 1 – Comb them when they are wet – My fight to get straighter hair started at an early age of 8. Every time I went to the ladies parlour, I used to bug the lady how to get straighter hair. Her suggestion – comb your hair when they are wet. Now I realize what a freak I was to pull my hair with a plastic comb right after I have shampooed them (that too without a conditioner!). I cannot even think of doing that stupidly now.

Idea No 2 - Pull them to make them straight – If combing works them how about pulling them to keep it straight. So, got the new idea to pin my hair all over my hair to get straighter hair. I look back at those school time pics and laugh at me for my stupidity. Luckily I was great at studies and everyone needed my notes so, no one laughted at me – at least not at my face.

Idea No 3 – Chop off the curls – The hair near the scalp is straighter and the moment it is beyond the ears, it get the curls. My idea – what if I just chop off my curly hair, the straight hair at top won’t know about the curly hair and grow straight. Talk about being stupid. So, until I learned about genetics at 16 years of age, I never allowed my hair to reach my shoulders. I would chop them off ruthlessly to remove any curls from my heads. Few of my friends used to say you have awesome growth so, why are you so bad towards them? My hair has cursed me now and I don’t have that growth speed anymore.

Idea No 4 – Iron them up – If an iron can remove wrinkles from cloths then why not hair? Yes I am talking about the iron you use to iron cloths. I used to keep my semi-dry manes between towels and iron on them while I was in college. Now, I know about straightner and so many coating on them to prevent burning. And yes, now I know about serums as well.

Idea No 5 – Signed up at a Male Saloon to be used for experimenting - When I was in my fourth year of engineering, Matrix was launched and I signed up to get my hair colored and straightened. Not permanent but just temporary for a modelling shoot. Nothing big but I was on TV for solid 3 minutes and was on 4 newspapers the next day. That point of time I felt I was top of the sky but was not cool was this – my friends thought it was permanent straightening so; they started to bitch about my curly hair. I was deep in shock. I went to a male saloon - yes a male saloon to get my hair straightened. The person had just learned it and I put myself up for experimenting. After a head full of chemicals and 5 hours of sitting and getting my hair pulled, my straight hair could last only 3 washes!

Idea No 6 – Lets make it permanent now! – Those bitchy comments really had an effect on me. After my collage got over and before I wished to join to collage – I straightened my hair permanently. Mainly becauseSo, I never have gone though ideas 1 to 5 again.

But after having straight hair for a year, I got bored. I got bored of straight hair and I got tired of trying. I didn't re-bonded them again as it was super harmful and I am only left with half the density of my hair I was born with. I still straighten my bangs but I need a permanent solution for that.

Done anything crazier for straighter hair? Please share in comments.

Can anyone help me here? Sunsilk? 

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