My Christmas Gifts - Limited Editions from Clinique, Body Shop and Lush

Dec 25, 2012

There are the Christmas Gift - From Me to Me!! LOL. I wanted these 2 Clinique Gift sets but the one here in Kolkata is inside Shopper Shop and due to some issues though they had the stock for a week they could not sell it. I felt like crying but finally the SA called on Xmas eve evening that he has them. Yes, a  'he' and the he was so excited with the gift sets himself and he kept aside few for his GF! How lucky is that girl to get makeup from her BF!

So, here is all I got for myself.

Clinique Whole Lotta Color and Complete Happiness 
( INR 2050 and INR 1900)

I also wanted another one called the Big, Bold, Beautiful which has Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense, High Impact Mascara and All About Eyes Serum for INR 1,350 but I already have too many black eyeliners.

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Body Butter and Ginger Sparkle Heart Shaped Soap
(INR 1050 and INR 275)

Lush Let the Good Time Roll (the yellow thing with popcorn....yes, popcorn!)
(INR 500 for 100gm)
along with H'Suan Wen Hua, etc.

Merry Christmas to you all again. I am surrounded by warm and citric smell now - wow Perfect!

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  1. Awesomeee stuff :) surely a merry Christmas u had :P
    Btw the eyeliner kit of clinique, does it have the full sized quickliner ?

    1. I do not remember dear. I can call him and check if you want me to

    2. oh its ok :) ill check out on the weekend myself :) thanks :)

  2. I so want that whole lotta color. Too bad I dont have clinique available anywhere near me.

  3. tempting..i wonder how that popcorn will help in hair treatment :D

    1. LOL but the popcorn is in 'let the good times roll', not 'H'Suan Wen Hua'

  4. omg awesome....enjoy your gifts to yourself...:)

  5. awesome stuff.. i m loving everything :)

    there is a giveaway running in my blog.. pls do participate...

    - Revathy


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