Miracle Skin Perfector - Instantly Perfect Skin by Garnier BB Cream Review

Dec 29, 2012

Another BB cream and this time from one of the pioneers of drugstore skincare band, Garnier.  I am using this for last two weeks - everyday!

The benefits promised by this instant skin perfecter -

Moisturisation for up to 8 hours
Healthy glow
Zero imperfections
Sun protection with SPF 24
Lasting Fairness

Read rest of the details here - 

Ingredients - The ingredients are much better than the other BB Cream in Indian market!  At least, no talc unless its mentioned with some fancy name that I am not aware of.

Now, let me start from the beginning  Though it comes in two sizes but only one shade to choose from. As SAs try to sell everything, I was bit skeptical to buy these. Anyhow, I just got the smaller one just to try it out. 

Luckily, I realized it was my shade and it does not give a white cast if you apply a bit too much to get into the extra moisture. It's moisturizing but not so much that I could skip the moisturizer in winter. I tried on half the days with a moisturizer underneath for review purpose but I didn't notice any flakiness or dryness as such in dry office AC environment. It does add a glowing radiance which I adored because everyone complimented in office! 

But it could not hide the redness I was getting last week because of winter. It won't hide any nasty imperfection so, you might have to reach out to a heavier formula or a concealer if you have troubled skin. I realized the finish is sheer and it gives low coverage. Maybe that is why it might work for a lot of skin colors.

I simply cannot comment if this gives fairness or not because I didn't saw any difference - not that I care! LOL

Here is a comparison of Garnier BB cream with Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream and Maybelline Clear Glow BB cream.

garnier BB vs maybelline BB vs Deborah Milano BB

Price:  99 INR for 18gm and 199 INR for 40gm. Good Boy!

I might finish it up just like a tinted moisturized when all I need is a boost in skin glow and have nothing nasty to hide. It does not even minimize pores neither makes them obvious as well.

If you have skin without much issue and need a tinted moisturizer in simple words then, you can try it for everyday use. As, it could not even hide the redness due to winter, I won't suggest to anyone with troubles.

Have you tried this BB cream? BTW how is your journey so far with BB cream? Let me tell you, it was not very nice for me so far.

And BTW what up with Kolkata winter this year? And Fog? Yesterday, the temperature in Kolkata was lower than Delhi at 11:30 in the morning! 


  1. I have used it today as well. Zero coverage is the bad side, but indeed is a wonderful Tinted moisturizer.
    One thing I liked is, the cheeks redness looks like natural blush with a radiant skin.

    Perfect for Winter!

    1. Yes, its very good as a tinted moisturizer. I could not fake it as a blush because the redness due to cold was like tiny red patches! I wish they were smooth :(

      Thanks for commenting Idee :)

  2. I feel like trying out this product now lol. Omg the maybelline bb cream now looks weird. I feel like throwing away my maybelline bb cream because I didn't like it that much. I am loving my SKINFOOD Mushroom BB cream. Makes me look like I have no make up on and I can even ended up gyming with that bb cream on and omg with all that sweating it made my face still look presentable lol.

  3. i'm quite liking this so far ! the SA had pushed me to buy this, and i felt at 99 bucks its worth trying ! but its nice :)

  4. i find it quite ok..atleast better than the maybelline one..

  5. I might give this a try! I'm bored of Maybelline's BB..what would you suggest as a better buy, the DM one or this Garnier?

    1. None! Seriously, they do nothing magical so, its better you move to a normal face moisturizer which actually do some benefit

  6. Thanks so much for sharing these products! I am wondering about the products that were proscribed by your AZ dermatologist. You said they have done wonders for your skin and I would like to try them, so I'm just wondering if it would be easy to get a prescription or if it was like a special circumstance? Thanks again for sharing this info!
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