L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Vernis 502 Purple Disturbia Swatch and Review

Dec 17, 2012

Last time I promised there won't be any more pastels. Its December now and I haven't tried any dark colors yet! Then I found this. I got it quite some time back but then was not sure to use it. 

Presenting a nail polish with rich pigments, pearlescents and optical effects all rolled into one - 
L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Le Vernis Purple Disturbia aka 502.

Did you saw those blue and purple shimmer in it?

What I felt was great about this

  • Its absolutely gorgeous and there is not doubt about it. 
  • The effect is brilliant. Not much noticeable but brilliant.  
  • The formula is thick enough for the color and 2 coats are good to cover it all to give the intense color. 
  • The brush is dense, flat with round edges (something like Boujois Lavande Esquisse) and helps the formula to deliver a smooth, intense and bubble free texture. 
  • Inspite of the shimmer, the texture is not griddy.

The  Disturbia  Part

  • It is for 225INR which is a bit too much and also the bottle is just 5ml!
  • It started to fade around the edges even 10 hours after application. The top pics were first taken and the bottom pictures are take just the next day. And mind it - I do not do dishes, no cooking, no washing cloths or nothing that can cause the fading. I thought it might have happened to some reason so, tried it again and same result - faded edges the next day. But, I think it can be managed with a top coat but then the effect won't be that brilliant.


I loved the Purple color and will surely buy some other color from this range but the fact that it fades is a huge Disturbia for me.

Did you liked this color. Are you wearing darker colors now in winter? Purples or Plums? Oxbloods or Maroons? Or just classic Black?


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