Black Tube BB - Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream Review and Swatch

Dec 17, 2012

Have you seen them yet? I was not even aware of them when 2 week back I spotted them. I was having a rather bad day as everything on my list that day was not available so, I got only this. I mean, say it, the black tube is kinda

Let's what their website says about this -

"5-in-1 BB CREAM has a soft, fluid consistency that allows for as little or as much coverage as required, without ever looking “cakey”. A single application is all it takes to achieve a sheer, natural look; repeat for more visible coverage"

And the claims - 

5-in-1 BB CREAM, a skin perfecting, all-in-one foundation with a multi-performance formula:
1. first it smoothes and primes skin;
2. then it conceals and minimises imperfections;
3. evens out skin tone,
4. moisturises and nourishes skin,
5. and protects it against UV radiation and pollution.
Featuring a multi-function formula, beauty balm offers skin a host of benefits plus perfect skin in just one product. Hypoallergenic*, with a delicate violet scent.
SPF20 for effective protection from photoageing.

Deborah Milano 5 in 1 comes in 6 shades but only 5 are available in India - 01 Fair, 02 Beige, 03 Sand, 04 (Don't remember) and 05 Amber. For me its 02 Beige


The packaging is what got me into the deal. I got it without having a look at the ingredients. A sexy black tube is something sexy to own. They are available in 30 ml but the bottle is slightly bigger for the amount. I might need to squeeze real hard when the product is about to end but luckily its bit runny.


It is just a mixture of silicone, paraben, stabilizers and sun protection ingredient like Titanium Dioxide. It also has some shocking products like talc, urea and silica. A lot of readers might have grossed by now.

My Experience

When I applied it directly after cleaning my face, it was drying for me. I thought a bit more of this might be better but then it started to give a white cast. So, I cannot say its moisturizing enough. But oily skin girls won't have any issue. I removed it completely and tried again with a light moisturizer underneath. It was smooth to apply that way and also there was no white cast. The application was very even so yes, it does evens out skin tone. 

It makes no claims about minimizing pores but it does says that it smoothes and primes skin but I will not agree. Anyone with any issues in skin like dark spots etc, won't find it concealing enough. Its a light coverage formula but still better and even. 

It does have titanium dioxide for UV radiation but I have no idea if it can help you from pollution.

Also, after applying it for 7 days everyday, it started to see small bumps on skin at few places - not pimples - but bumps that you get because of wearing silicones.

I will not use it daily as it is truly not a skincare product - no idea why its called a BB but then it does not even make any super hero miracle products like claims so, I give my full respect to it.

Compared with Maybelline Clear Glow BB - Well, I was never fan of Maybelline BB because in a month or two the formula started to separate  No matter how I apply it, it always give me a white case. But DM's formula is much better and smooth. Check the following pic, unblended they look the same color but when blended they look different. While DM is smooth, Maybelline gives a white cast.


For me its a light coverage liquid foundation with a smooth texture. Its was not moisturizing enough, not concealing enough or any other special thing. 


350 INR for 30 ml

Will I recomend this?

Buy it as a light foundation if you have dry skin or as light Tinted moisturizer if you have oily skin. Don't think that its a BB and it will work like magic because it never claimed to. Plus, the ingredient list is nasty.


  1. wow, seriously the so called 'BB' which are coming in the Indian market is full of BS false advertisement. Packaging is sexy though as you have mentioned ^_^. Great review. I just ordered a BB cream from sasa few mins back :D. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

  2. I saw this the other day. Thought I would buy it after reading some reviews. Glad I didnt buy it!

  3. thanks fr the review dearie..u saved my moneyy

  4. The packaging is nice but the product seems like something I can give a miss. MAC has launched a BB cream in USA...waiting for it to hit Indian shores (tho it will be ages before it does)


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