All Shades of Bourjois Rouge Edition Swatched

Dec 19, 2012

I have always been crazy about Bourjois. Their price is just a bit much if you compare with others but then they always provide something exceptional. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition 

"Tested and approved by fashion editors. 18 colors from its fashion shows. Ready to wear texture & color coated gloss.

¼ lacquered pigments - Consisting of 1/4 lacquered pigments, texture offers a gloss finish and color coated gloss.
Texture ready-to-wear - Enriched with orchid flower extract, its formula based on sliding and provides incredible comfort unique hydration 10H. Ultra-melting, it leaves your lips smooth, perfectly hydrated and protected.

Lip at the top of the fashion!"

Recently I came to know about this and other ton of products that Bourjois is going to launch and I contacted the SA I know. She had no idea about them so, I asked her to call me the moment she get anything new. But curiosity got the better of me and I started bugging her every weekend - EVERY! Last week I thought of NOT going anywhere near her and control my urge but the moment I thought of going home after watching Life of Pi, she called me.

SA - I have the lipsticks you were talking about?

Me - Only Lipsticks? What about the BB, false lashes, python top coat, queen attitude mascara?

SA - Nothing else.

Me - I am reaching you in an hour.

I jumped, leaped and ran to her and reached her in 15 minutes. The quality of the Bourjois Rouge Lipstick is nice. Light, balmy and bit glossy but covers lip pigmentation. Something like Maxfactor Pink Brandy.
I am sharing here the swatches just to give you a general idea about the colors - they have everything from plums to rich reds to blue based pink to browns to peaches.

01 Cristal Minimal - No - Nothing to miss here because its like a transparent lipstick - Ohhh Darling, lets call it a balm!
02 Beige Trench - Yes
03 Peche Cosy - Yes
04 Rose Tweed -Yes
05 Brun Boheme - Yes
06 Rose Coquette - No - A Pink with loads of shimmer.
07 Fuchsia Graffiti - Yes - Almost like my MAC Dear Diary.
08 Rose Studio - Yes
09 Orange Pop Up - Yes
10 Rouge Buzz - Yes
11 Fraise Remix - No - Very nice pink - NEED
12 Rose Néon - No
13 Rouge Jet Set - No
14 Pretty Prune - Yes
15 Rouge Podium - Yes
16 Brun Cosmopolitain - Yes
17 Rose Millésime - Yes
18 Violine Strass - Yes

I was trying to avoid reds and I am waiting for MAC Marilyn Collection (yes, yet to come to India) but with so much choices, I forced myself to get just ONE and I got 15 – Rouge Podium - A red! Detailed summery coming up soon. You might have seen it in my FB timeline pic. But right after I reached home, I am dying to get more. 

This weekend, I am surely getting at least one more of these. Maybe 17 or maybe....ohhh I have to decide seriously. Any suggestions?

Ohh in case you are still wondering - Bourjois is going to launch a lot of products recently and this Bourjois addict will get them and review it for you - see how self less I am...LOL


  1. wow this is superduper... me mad fan of bourjois :) me lovin 10 and 07 :D

    1. 10 is super sexy but I thought it might be like Revlon Certainly Red

      I will take it this weekend with me and then compare before buying

  2. question - which counter did you get this from! I WANT!

    1. Pantaloon, Camac Street - The SA is super sweet. Tell her my name and she will tell you how much I have bugged her LOL

  3. I like Bourjois too...their products are value for money. Will def pick up a few soon :)

  4. Fuschia Grafiti...Fuschia Grafiti..Here I come...ur an angel to post these swatches..oh my god I feel like running to the store right now :)

    1. Yup - its gr8. If you don't have MAC Dear Diary then this is a must have. The another color which is almost like this is Revlon Stormy Pink but this has a way better formula

  5. Wow!! thank u for sharing!! These shades look amazing!!! I will surely go check it out!! :)


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