6 Rouge Nail Polish - NYX Deep Red; Maybelline Colorama Gabriele, Vinho Reserva, Cafe Brasil ; Colorbar Shy Rose, Deep Red

Dec 25, 2012

Red Nail Polish India Colorbar Maybelline NYX

Red nail paints are best for Christmas and I wanted to do this for long but it got delayed and delayed and now here it is - My Collection of Red Nail Polish.

Maybelline Colorama Gabriele

Colorama Gabriele is the purest Red. I just hope it was bit thicker in formula.

Colorbar Gabriele

Colorbar Gabriele

Colorbar Old Flame

Colorbar Old Flame goes a bit darker Gabriele making it wearable for most all Indian skin tone. I love this for my toes. 

Colorbar Old Flame

Colorbar Old Flame

Colorbar Old Flame

Colorbar Shy Rose

Color Shy Rose is not a red nor as orangy as its looking here but orange rusty red. I love it for the formula and smoothness. 

NYX Deep Red

NYX Deep Red is something I got from an ebay seller as free gift - a year back! I used to hate it but now I love it for the richness. I might save it for my wedding!

Maybelline Colorama Cafe Brasil

I actually got this for my mom! But later took it from her when I moved here and realized she was hardly using it. LOL. Not a favorite of my color but a very sexy plummy red.

Maybelline Colorama Vinho Reserva

I could hardly remember when I actually wore it! I somewhat hate the color but love the tiny glitter in it - very Christmas appropiate but I still do not like it so much that I will wear it for long.

NYX - Free from shopping here.
Maybelline Colorama - 100 INR
Colorbar - 150 INR

Which one did you liked?


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