Perfumes of the World in India and Shopping from the 20% from The Body Shop - Perfume, Body Butter, Mists and More

Nov 4, 2012

Perfumes of the World is finally launched in India. I could not see Sakur but Indian Night Jasmine , Atlas Mountain Rose, Madagascan Vanilla Flower and Amazonian Wild Lily were available here. Also, the Japanese cherry blossom is changed. Loved this new one and so I happily got it in my shopping bag.

Body Shop is also having a flat 20% discount on all products (excluding accessories). And I had to shop. I picked up my lazy bum though it was a very lazy day for me and I wanted to sleep in the afternoon just to make sure that I do not miss anything from the sale! 

What all is there???

Coconut Body Butter - Always wanted it! Always. I love Shea Butter for winter but it was OOS. There was gift pack with coconut, olive and shea but I do not live the olive one and the price was of the gift pack was kinda stupid for 150 grms of body butter.

Coconut Oil - I have heard a lot about it. I already use the rainforest shampoo. Fingers crossed for this one.
Hemp Foot Protector - This is for mommy. Cracked heel rescuer. Lets see how it fairs.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume - Awww... I love smell of cherry blossom. This one is awesome. I wanted the perfume oil but it was not with them.

Indian Night Jasmine Perfume Oil - I tired the lotion in the store and I could still smell it after 3 hours. But I got the perfume oil. Can now mix with a fragrance-free lotion and enjoy it everyday.

 Have you shopped during the sale? Just one more day left so you better hurry.

All the products were something that I wished to try. I am sure there will be another sale during/near Christmas so, don't feel very bad in case you miss this one. 


  1. Oh wow what nice goodies..I feel like rushing off to the body shop right nw

  2. Great Haul! Love their body butters. Haven't come close to a good cherry blossom perfume of my liking but will check this perfume out since you'v mentioned that its changed.

    1. even I hated the last one. But this part of the perfumes of the world collection. Try it in the store....


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