Only One Shopping Bag - Vero Moda to Quench Oxblood Thirst

Nov 12, 2012

I was wandering in the mall then like a force pulling me, I went to Veda Moda with no intentions to shop. And then I saw - Ohhh My My – Oxblood Pant! 

But they must be costly. I do not want to spend something that might last only a season – 
ohhh wait – its not even 2K!!

I have to have this!!!

 I came back with ONLY one shopping bag – Vera Moda. I checked Mango and Promod and they also oxblood pieces but prices were more. I never knew Vera Moda was affordable – In love!

If you want to have something then its better to get pants because oxblood pants have a slimming effect and hence, makes your legs look longer.


  1. Oxblood is definitely everywhere this season and the best thing about this trend is it looks great on Indian skin tones.

  2. my oxblood pants are form here only,bought last year..and VM is much more affordable than promod and mango!i have got some really beautiful pieces from here.

    1. VM is really affordable. I just hope to get a Forever 21 in here.


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