One Shade to Fit All? Olay Touch of Foundation in India

Nov 20, 2012

As Ponds have stopped it tinted moisturizer (which BTW I never got to use ) and since then searching for a tinted anti-aging moisturizer I recently saw the Olay Touch of Foundation ad. I was super excited and headed to stores. 

I checked with a store with sells things from customs and the lady told me - "Only one shade with Maxfactor foundation. "

One shade? Maxfactor foundation? Are you making a fool out of me?

So, I went to New U (a multi-brand cosmetic store in India) and I asked about this and the SA said - 

"One shade."

"One shade? Okay, then show me the tester. "

"No tester."

And I stop there trying to gather myself to speak again - "No tester? How am I supposed to buy? What is the price anyways?"

"749 INR"

"...for something that I do not even know is of my color or not?"

About turn. Returned home. (Not exactly, I picked stuff for my first anniversary giveaway.)

I think, I will wait for other blogger to review this. I saw in many counties there are 2-3 shades but only 1 for India. Only One? Also I think the Maxfactor foundation is a variety which is not available here in India (not 100 % sure)

Have you got this one or heard about this? Does the concept of One shade to fit all and by all I mean the skin color and tones in India...Helloooooo! Diversity!!!


  1. oops that seems weird no! india really has soo many diff complexions yar! better to wait for a review for this

  2. I'm so fed up of the big brands, turning up with 1-2 sad shades in foundation/concealer/compacts, expect us Indian customers to pay premium,have no testers or swatches for reference,no return policy for makeup and want us to thank our stars that they deigned fit to launch a godforsaken product in India after it was discontinued in the rest of the world!! hmpf..sorry folks,if you don't treat me like a Queen,you don't get my money!
    BTW haven't tried this touch of foundation.. but I'm thinking I'll add a smidgen of foundation to my moisturizer & be done with it...thankyouverymuch :D

    1. OMG Pooja!!! All your frustration about them in one comment! I also have the same feeling about the return policy. Many products just promises and at times harms our skin and you can just throw them away or let them die inside your cupboard.

      BTW I am mixing Maybelline BB with L'Oreal Anti aging moisturizer now :D

  3. i agree with you, one shade only....hmmm i won't buy!

  4. Replies
    1. i saw the ad once and they are all over the magazines this month

  5. i m confused..are u talking of maxfactor or olay?

    1. olay touch of foundation that has foundation with the normal 7 in 1 anti aging cream. the foundation added is from Maxfactor. But the one is india is not the maxfactor one but normal foundation. still confused nah?

    2. O_o I think I almost got it.. hehe
      but yeah thats sad!


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