Living in My Vanity - MAC Mehr Lipstick Swatch and Review - Mickey Contractor '11 / Middle Eastern '12

Nov 15, 2012

“Getting MAC Mehr was like online dating experience for me. I saw it online – swatched, reviewed and loved, but I could not get hold of it for a year and 10 months! Finally I had it and was surprised at the color of the bullet – so brown? But now she’s my life (‘she’ because Mehr is a very female name)”

Last year when Mickey Contractor Collection was launched, I missed 2 things badly – Mehr Lipstick and Siahi Fluidline. I have a 1K rule but aren’t both under a K? By the time I reached the store, it was OOS everywhere. For a year and 10 months, I cried for it. It was launched again in the Middle Eastern Lipstick Collection (along with Double Shot, Tabla, Yash Lipsticks) after a year and 9 months and I waited for the additional one month because it was OOS here in Kolkata and I forced boy to get it for me from Delhi. And let’s not discuss here the pain of forcing a guy to buy a lipstick and that too from a MAC store!! (I actually forced him to buy me 4 lipsticks but we will come back to that story some other day maybe) So, after a year and 10 months of wishing for something, I got my MAC Mehr.

MAC described Mehr as a dirty blue pink. As I am never seen Mehr or even swatched it, I was surprised by the bullet color. It looked too brown. But then on lips, it looks rosy pink. It’s completely opaque. If I try using it with two sweeps then the matte texture start working against me and highlight the lip lines.

Colorbar Dare Bare Pink, MAC Mehr, Maybelline Toffee Cream, Maybelline Chocolate Temptation

Repurchase? Thank God that MAC has it as Permanent now. I will get it the rest of my life. I might even name by daughter Mehr (it means 'kindness' in Hindi and that’s what I wish my child to be…..wait…I am just 24 and not even married…*slaps herself*

I just pray to God now that Siahi is also launched – maybe a limited edition but please again … one last time? Please....


  1. beautiful shade! I've thought of buying it so many times but never got around to it

  2. Oh God thats so funny naming ur daughter Mehr after your lipstick n getting ur guy to go to a Mac store (I know the pain btw)!!! Loved the color and am so getting this too :)

  3. This shade reminds me of Revlon's pink in the afternoon. Really pretty pink shade

  4. u write so well :D quirky humor! n mehr luks awsum on u


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