Lazy Lady Survival Guide - Trick to Clean Your Make-up Brushes

Nov 3, 2012

Good makeup brushes are a must but dirty ones are useless. Also no matter what, you must clean them at least once a month or more frequently then are used a lot. I used to wash with diluted soap or shower gels but they weren't that effective. I have to struggle a lot and I do not want to hurt my brushes ( also I do not want to struggle over a single thing for long).

Shampoos are also a total NO NO because shampoos might make your brush soft and loose it shape and stiffness over time. Have you tried vinegar to clean make up brushes? I certainly do not get that! I also have a Kryolan Brush cleaner which have no instruction of how to use it and only have scary warning written on it. So here what I did this time.

But if you have scratchy brushes then I think it makes sense to wash them with a shampoo and even follow up with a conditioner. Its all your call and I won't suggest this to anyone.

So this is what I did. I used diluted dish wash liquid. Yes, its true my dear friends. I used 1-2 drops of dish wash liquid in water so that only the hair is dipped in water and not the holder. Kept it dipped for 5-8 sec and Voila! Cleaned! Even my Sigma F80 and F55 for which I never thought I will be able to see the original color back.

Why dish wash liquid is so effective? Duh!! They are made for those oily kadhai - "Chiknai hataye sirf 10 sec mein!".(Removes tough greasiness (from your utensils) in just 10 secs). The amount of products on the bushes was just a "daaye haath ka kheel" (a very easy job) for it. Also a dish wash liquid has disinfectant.

I washed it again under running water to make sure no bit of soap is left on the brushes. Squeezed it lightly to put them back to shape and put them on a paper towel. DO NOT dry them using blow dryer or directly under Sun.

Another thing that I realized was that the drying time was much less than what it used to take with normal soap.

And hey do not put them in dishwasher in any case - no matter how lazy you are. You might end up damaging the whole thing.

Another tip - if your brushes are very very very dirty then dip them in olive oil before doing this. The oil will soften the dirt and make it easier for the dishwash soap to remove.

How do you clean your makeup brushes? How often?

PS: The pic is taken before I removed the soap from it completely. I was tried after holding the brush to make sure the body or the holder is not dipped under the water level. Well how to say it - I GOT BORED!


  1. I use baby shampoo to clean the brushes. I guess i'll give this a shot too!

  2. I used detol liquid hand soap to clean my brush (cause I am lazy...? lol) but I will definitely try out this method of yours. Thanks for this information ^_^.

  3. i used shampoo the last 2 times..didn't know that could do this!

  4. I'm going to disagree with the shampoo being a nono. I have been using baby shampoo + water dilution mixture for over 5 years and my brushes are in great shape.

    1. wow gr8 that it worked for you. But I have sacrificed a brush over shampoo. The brush lost it shape. Also, I have to work for a longer time with each brush because a shampoo is milder to talking off the dirt and makeup from it.


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