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Nov 11, 2012

All preparations for Diwali done? Diya, Lights, Crackers, New Cloths, Sweets? All??? Think again. What about gifts? If there is still something left in your list then try Jabaong.Com.

They have super fast delivery and lot of offers going on at present.

I shopped from them 2 weeks back. I got a Levis grey jeans and a UCB full sleeves top. Both were two seperate order - one Cash on delivery and other prepaid. 

I loved to Shop at Jabong.Com because-

1. They have a huge collection and you will definitely get what you want - bags, shoes, jeans, jackets, kurtas, suits - everything for Men and Women.

2. I am personally not someone who can shop cloths online because I need to check the items from all angles. Most websites just have 2 or 3 images of the product from most attractive angles. Also the colors are bit modified to make it look more attractive. Lucky for me, has 5 images for each clothing product - front, sideways, full length, angled and also closeup. That really helped. How the fabric clings gives a better idea. Plus, gives an idea of the thickness and texture. Here are the links to what I got and you can see for yourself - Levis jeans and UCB top
3. Has COD option, free shopping, 30 days return, dedicated customer help desk and many offers going on. Check out the amazing Diwali offers HERE.

5. Thought the price is written on the parcel, the item name is not written.  Its good for 2 reasons - First - no one will know what you ordered. Second - In case you are gifting it then, it remains a surprise till someone opens it. Recently I gifted boy a video game from an online website. The item name was written on the package so, everyone  knew what it was even before opening it - even the neighbors who received it! Surely took away all the surprise element. Sighhh.

6. The delivery is super duper fast. I placed my orders on Saturday afternoon and I received them on Monday morning. The delivery guy complained why i wasn't there the precious day! Seriously  It took only 1 day for you guys to deliver? 

7. Even if do not want to shop now, register yourself. I got a 400 INR coupon by just being in their mailing list!  I used it for the jeans. Also I got to know that they presently are giving a 1000 voucher on shopping more than 5000 INR.

What Could have been better

1. At times, I was searching for a top but I liked the jeans she was wearing  When I searched for jeans, I could not find them. There are lot of awesome picture on the home page which are also not available in the website. I just wish they have the links for the whole set that the model is wearing. They will surely be selling more that way.

2. COD is not free. They take 39 INR. Thought it a small price but I felt it was useless. I prefer online payment.

3. If your online payment somehow is not successful then the item will most probably be not be available - though you are shopping at 2 AM in the morning and is pretty sure that no one in India is brought that exact thing, in that exact size in the 2 min gap of your unsuccessful payment and replacing it in your cart. Maybe they have some system of marking it sold even if the payment was unsuccessful. If you are confused over point then here is why it is that way. The customer service desk call you the next day asking you to get it by COD and ONLY by COD. I had a PR coupon and the customer service guy had no idea and he was surprised like I was hacking their website or something. That was a month ago story. The PR resent me a new coupon code and when I used it this time, it again failed so, this time CS guy again called. I tried to get it by online payment but nothing other than  COD was possible.  While this is a great point that the CS people cares for you make sure that you get what you wanted for sure, this isn't great for me. The only reason I shop online is because I do not want someone to force me anything - not even how I wish to pay.

Overall - is a awesome site for online shopping. The brands I shopped were 100% genuine. They have a magical fast delivery. They also have more images from angles to make a better choice for the product. I just wish they had links to the complete set that the model wears.

This post is a part of Jabong Bloggers Contest. A pioneer in online shopping in India, promises to fulfill all your style based needs through its wide range of lifestyle products for men, women & kids.

PS: I had a coupon worth INR 500 which was sent by PR that I used to buy the top. The views are entire mine. In fact because of the coupons I realized what happen on unsuccessful payment. I also got a coupon of 400 INR thought mailing list which I used for the jeans.


  1. Wonderful review :)
    The delivery is amazingly quick, can't deny that. And their collection is definitely huge and the sorting options make it easier to find things. But the extra COD charges were a letdown.
    I loved the points you mentioned here like the multiple pictures and the absence of the product names on the package.
    Good luck for the contest :D

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