Drooling Over Overcoats and Gloves from Forever new

Nov 5, 2012

While winter is slowly coming to everyone's town, I am here missing Delhi-ki-saardi (Delhi's winter) - The fog and everything! I badly wanted a perfect overcoat but I liked nothing. I picked one from Allahabad by the time winter was almost over. This year I saw the ones I loved and I could not get - Why? Kolkata does not have much winter...arghhhhhh I almost cried in the store yesterday when I saw them and that too with a 35% off tag!!! arghhhhhhhh

Following are the 2 overcoat that I wish to own. First one has fur which is detachable and the satin ribbon is just add the right tough require to raise it up the sophistication ladder. And I loved the cut of the second one. I also loved this tasled cardigan but then again - remember - Not much winter here!

Another thing - I could not even but a gloves for myself!

I am feeling very bad yesterday.I seriously felt like crying. I wish I was in Delhi. Missing u dear. XOXX.

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