Yummy Yummy - Body Shop Dragon Fruit Lip Butter Review and Swatch

Oct 26, 2012

Yummy and this single words summarizes what all I have to saw about this. Its a lip butter from Body Shop Foundation and the profits from the sales will go to a charity of our choice. In case you are not aware then read about it in the promotional picture below.

Click on the image to see the enlarged version

I got this but I had no rights to choose the charity. Maybe they haven't yet decided it for India. I just hope it goes to some charity work! Anyone will do for me.

Texture - Its soft and very smooth. It just melts on my lips with a nice gloss. It does not have any color.

Smell - Ahhhh the smell. I have no idea about dragon fruit so, my brain tries to map it with the ones it is familiar with and thinks it smells something between a peach and a mango - a Peago - I would love to eat it for sure.

Priced in India at just 205 INR for 10 gms, I would recommend this for everyone. 

Just try it once at store. I felt its perfect as a base for applying lipsticks as its very light. Make them stick a bit longer and reduces the tendency of settling on lines. Also, the are great to apply before night as I wake up with really plump pout in the morning.

5 Stars 


  1. I bought this recently n i love it :-)
    Even i didn't get to choose the charity !

    1. I think they do not have this charity choosing for India Poorva. Did anyone else choose it?

    2. oh thats really bad ! i dnt know anyone who's bought this!


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