Vintage Lipstick from 1951 - Revlon Lustrous Lipstick 740 Certainly Red Swatch and Review

Oct 29, 2012

"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. 
That, or a kick-ass red lipstick." - Gwyneth Paltrow 

Red lipsticks have an effect on everyone. When I wear them, I feel more sophisticated, more refined.  I always wish for a perfect red lipstick but then where will I wear them? Suddenly, I realized it is the festive season and you can dress up as you wish to! I went on a hunt for a red lipstick. I wanted something creamy but long lasting and pigmented. 

Texture : I  love the formula. It glides smoothly. Does not require a balm underneath. Leaves behind a tint. It is opaque and there are no issues even for the most pigmented lips. It so opaque that you can just dab it on your pout and still get awesome color. Top it with a gloss and Ohhh la laaa. Full marks! I already have a good relation with Revlon Lustrous Lipstick. I have Kiss me Coral and it is so far the best coral for me. 

Color : It is certainly The Red. Does not show any pink undertones on my lips but is surely blue based. So, no yellow teeth. Love, love, love.

And yes, it one of the lipstick shades that was launched in 1951 and still sold in store. Can you believe this? I am able to get hold of another vintage which is not sold anymore! Review will be up next.

The packing was remodeled for lustrous lipsticks.

Another fun fact - Photographer Alyson Fox once photographed 100 ladies of different backgrounds wearing red lipsticks and guess what the color was - Revlon Certainly Red.  Awesome. Isn't it? They showcase the transformative power of red lipstick.
A Shade of Red

Price : 525 INR but Revlon is having offer on these ones - everything for flat 400 INR which I think is perfect for this lipstick.

Repurchase? Hell yeah. This is something I would everyone! I hope Revlon continues to sell it for at least 50 more years.

I was not even aware of so much history attached to this when I got this. I got it just because of the color. Maybe just because its a great color, its part of the history?

I have another vintage thing - a blush - which is around since 1960. Read it here.

Have you ever owned any Lustrous Lipstick? Anyone from the vintage list? Which is your favorite red lipstick?

**Keep Smiling with those Red Lips**


  1. wow, that's a very pretty shade of red..more like cherry red! :D

  2. That red looks absolutely stunning on you!! I've never tried red lipsticks, they kinda make me look like a blood sucking vampire :( The only color of lipstick that ever looked good on me was a purplish scarlet one from Revlon which I don't see anywhere anymore and sad as it is, I don't remember the product number :\ So no more lippies for me :(

    1. arey...there is a red for every girl - keep searching. And it really feel bad when you cannot get something that suits you perfectly. I used to have a burnt orange coral type color from Lissome (ever heard this brand? very non popular one) and I could not get that exact color in Any brand.

    2. Let's hope I find my red soon. Yeah I heard of that brand but its very difficult to get products of the same here, retail or in e-shops.

  3. amazing color, looks good on you.
    I have kiss me coral which is equally good!

  4. Love this red.
    I have heard of Revlon FIRE and ICE being a rage since it was launched decades ago.
    A red i am curious to try.

    Also, in Bourjois I like Sweet Kiss 54 .


  5. wow...perfect hot red color
    does it bleed?


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