Matte Pink Lipsticks from Revlon - Stormy Pink 97 and Pink Pout 02 Swatch and Review

Oct 31, 2012

"Things are valued most in their Absence"

Revlon lipsticks have been there all the time. Ignore by me completely (and I cannot forgive myself for this). 

But when one day while arranging my lipsticks; I realized how much I loved Revlon Kiss Me Coral. Then I started to Google for more Revlon Lipstick and made a lipstick-want-list with not one or two but 5 lipsticks from Revlon. But I could not find them anywhere. All the SA told me they were out of stock and they might never get these back. No online shop had it and everyone refunded money or called to say it was not there. But finally I got 2 from my list – Pink Pout and Stormy Pink.

Revlon Matte Lipsticks Formula : 
I saw that most of the bloggers had the matte formula super-lustrous for this one but in India I got this only in Matte formula. I get the see though top packaging. I wish the color had a bit more glossiness but nothing that a clear gloss cannot solve. Its pigmented, opaque but does not leave behind any tint. Both of them end up with a powdery finish on lips. They are not drying

Stormy Pink:
 Candy pink in medium warm tone. It would have been better for more Indian tones has it been a bit more warmer. Another of Revlon’s vintage lipstick from 1950.  Yes, it was launched then and still sold in marker. Maybe not still considering what the SAs have told me. Then it contained lots of oils and animal fats like most lipsticks from 1940s for a creamy and slightly glossy finish. It was a crème in the 50s but is matte now.

Pink Pout: Cool tone barbie pink. Will hardly suit most Indian tone. It's considered a dupe of MAC Snob but I do not have to compare. But MAC Snob is more pigmented and cooler. Google this yourself :)

Price : 525 INR each.

Repurchase? I do not think so. They colors are a bit cooler for me for daily use and I will be hardly able to use it up. I liked the formula. I can wear them in winter for sure. Also, I think this will be discontinued soon or already discontinued.

Have read about about the vintage lipstick I got from Revlon
Have you red it? *wink*

Irony of the day - I am talking about a lipstick named Stormy when people from NY and NJ are battling with Storm Sandy. I hope everything is OK soon.


  1. The shades are really pretty! I love Revlon's lipsticks.. just picked one up yesterday :)

  2. I guess my favorites are 006 Really Red, 007 In the Red and 009 Stormy Pink. Besides, I also have Twinked Mauve. Each and every color are my must-haves.

    1. Sorry, that's not stormy pink, that's fabulously fig. Just corrected.

  3. Those are pretty colors. I was looking for soft, nude pink to wear when I where heavy eye makeup, so as not to take any attention away from my eyes. I haven't bought either of these colors yet, but primrose looks like it is good for that kind of look. Stormy pink works well on olive tones, if you are looking for a cooler pink. It goes best with neutral eye makeup, or just eyeliner and mascara. Another recommendation, away from the Revlon line, is Strawberry Milk from NYX. That would suit more wheatish complexions.


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