Heart Breaker from Bourjois Paris - Khol And Contour 16H With Built-in Sharpner in Noir Expert Review with Smudge Test

Oct 26, 2012

I need to not say this but I am in love with Bourjois. Anyone reading this blog for few months would have realized it. I have reviewed products from Bourjois back to back in this blog. But today I am gonna talk about another side of Love - you read it correct my dear *wink*

A black kohl is something that every Indian girl owns. Even if she is a NO-MAKEUP-GIRL, kohl or a black liner will definitely be in her vanity/dressing table/bag. So, when I need to buy something more online JUST to make sure I do not have to pay for shipping, I hunt for either baby wipes or kohls (What is up with online makeup stores now? Why is everyone increasing thier free shopping threshold?). Then, I was introduced to  Bourjois Paris Khol And Contour 16H Noir Expert. I had seen it in stores but then I thought I had too many black kohls to finish.....women!!! (starting singing 'Womania' in mind...ohhh womania...aaa womania)


Enriched with pure pigments, this kohl allows for an intense result from the very first stroke that lasts for up to 16 hours.
Its soft and blendable formula is ideal to apply on both inner and outer rims of the eye.
Hypoallergenic, with natural wax and vitamin E, it's gentle on the delicate eye contour area.
The built-in pencil sharpener can be used for all the Khol & contour eyepencil range.

So, lets check the claims now.
  • Intense Black ? Yes...
  • Intense result from the very first stroke? Yes. 
  • Soft? Its smooth like butter. Nothing tugging/hurting your eyes/eye lids.

*** A Sad Story ***

Now, wait. When I got this product, my colleague said...and these are her exact words - 
Bourjois? Its a bad brand. I have this and its bad. 
I just rolled away my eyes. 

My first product from Bourjois Paris was a lip cream with a matching lip liner and it was disastrous. Let me not go into saying what it made me look like! So, first impressions can misguide and I am in deeply love with this brand. So, one day on a family dinner, I dressed up my best and put this kohl in the most intense way. I returned home with full confidence about the pics and to my horror I was looking no less than a Panda! It smudges that badly. Nothing has smudged on me like this before. For the next one week I tried this with every trick up my sleeve to prevent smudging but it failed to keep up its name.

Smudge Test - FAILED with a big F.

16 hours Stay? A big fat lie. It was hard for it to stay more than 16 minutes behaving properly on my eye lids/waterline.

Price in India - I paid 247 INR instead of the full price of 390 INR for 1.14 gms.

Repurchase? Nay, nay, oh, dear God, one thousand times nay! (seen this episode of Scrubs?)

So, here is the other side of love. For a brand I am madly in love with, I found something that I could not agree upon. Consider them as the idiotic fights that couples have because I know - deep down inside I love Bourjois.


  1. Love that cute smiley face! too bad it doesn't work as well it looks

  2. Strangely enough the 16h kohl works for me. Doesn't smudge once applied, is waterproof and stays through the workday (9-6).
    Love your blog! Funky and detailed!


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