4 New Shades in Maybelline Colorama Nail Polish Swatch - Absinto, Noite Quente, Bale Classico, Equilibrista

Oct 2, 2012

Keeping up with my Love for Maybelline Nail Polishes, I got hold of the new launched ones in India. I had them from past 2-3 weeks but the laziness in me prevailed and this post got delayed.

The latest lauched ones are very light and summery. I wish they were launched few months back in summer.

*** Absinto ***

Mint with fine shimmer that hardly show up the pic - only the shimmer is Absent-O here! In the post of love for mint, I posted a pic of the bottle with flash and the shimmer is shown in that.
Similar to this, I have Flormar 424 is tad darker on the greener side and does not have the minute shimmer like this one. 

*** Bale Classico ***

A very  nice n*de beige. Very similar to this, I have Maybelline Beige Natural which is slightly lighter.

*** Equilibrista ***

A very light mauvish pink. Very nice for everyday use. It has more tones of mauve than Maybelline Amanhencer and Astral.

*** Noite Quente ***

Dark lavender. Colorbar Grape Sangria is more bluer and darker.

Texture -  As expected, the lighter colors are sheer and easily build able. They dries fast when I appiled 3-4 coats of it. Noite Quente on the other hand is too thick. I think the SA has given me a old dried stock but these were recently launched.

Price in India - 100 INR for 8ml

Repurchase? The top 3 colors - Absinto for the fine delicate shimmer,  Bale Classico if Beige Natural is not in stock and Equilibrista for the cute color. 

Have you seen these colors? Which one did you liked? Are you buying any?


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