Wish-listed - MAC Marilyn Monroe and Beth Ditto Collections Made Me Drool

Sep 27, 2012

Two collections from MAC - one for Summer and one for the Holiday. Both did something to me - Drool, drool, drool. I have a 1K rule (do not buy any makeup item which costs more than 1000 INR) and so, MAC was always a NO for me. But finally I have made my mind and things I am buying from Morilyn Monroe and Beth Ditto Collections are - 

MAC Marilyn Monroe - Has to be one of the lipsticks because of the superb reds. I never...NEVER..wear red but then I have to have a nice one. I thought about Ruby Woo for long but then they looked weird on me! Anyways, this time I am going for - Charmed I’m Sure (Dark true red) (Matte) or Deeply Adored (Deep scarlet) (Matte). The names did half the job and the other half was done by the swatches I saw online. I also had Forever Marilyn, Legendary Pale (soft coral ) and The Perfect Cheek (Neutral pink beige) but because of the bad reviews, I am holding myself back...but look at them....soooo pretty!!! 

Dear Marilyn, 

When are you coming to India?


MAC Beth Ditto - Powder to the People (the one with the polka dots) was on the top of my lips but the fact that they are not pigmented killed it for me......sigh...polka dots!!! I am buying 2 Pro Longwear Lipcreme - Booyah!!! and Dear Diary.

So, I am finally breaking my 1K rule for the lip cremes. ONLY this time.

I also got to know that Baby Lips are also in my town - this Saturday is going to be Shopping Saturday - I am writing in my Diary - Booyah!!!


  1. which store has baby lips??? I wanted Dear Diary too but they didnt get it in Kol..but happy to have snagged Booyah

    1. Dear Diary is NOT in Kolkata?????? Ohh my my...

      BTW baby lips is now in the Park street stores. I gave my number to all the maybelline SAs in Kol and few has mssged me

  2. which store has the beth ditto collection?i don't think i had that rule but now that you point it out it was an unspoken rule anyway..

    1. that rule actually helps to keep you directed otherwise I end up spending on everything


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