The Body Shop Lily Cole Lip And Cheek Dome Pinch Me Pink

Sep 11, 2012

The first time I saw them the thought that came to my minds was – BIG PINK GEMS! You always have a favorite color - mine is blue. But, I it was never pink – well before I saw this.

Lily Cole – Lip and Cheek Dome in Pinch Me Pink – A limited edition lip and cheek product launched by The Body Shop whichs claims to be cruelty free – No Bug shells, No Animal Testing.


Packaging – The thing that deserves 5 stars for the product. A pink dome with a transparent top sitting on a pink tub. They also have a light apricot color but I tried on the store and it failed on show any color on me so here I got the pink now – thank God – the pink one is ay cuter than the peach one. Its travel friendly – its been rolling inside my office bag for last 8 days and nothing has happen to it so far.

Ingredients and Other Details -

Swatch –

Review for Lips – I have to swipe it on my lips more than 10 time for to show color on my lips. This the case in hotter weather when it seem to scrape off more color than it give to my lips. Also, as the color is very sheer it start to settle on lines but luckily does not enhance then much as the color is sheer.When in colder environment, it show up in 3-4 swipes with a matte velvety finish. The sheer Candy pink suits me well but then I do not favor sheer lipsticks or glosses much as they are not much effective in covering my lips pigmentation.

On Cheeks - It’s just give a wash of color on your cheek. Just dab it on your cheek and blend. It blends like dream and the blush gives you the type of natural glow that you get after running or right after you gym session. It does not last much as it does not have any stain. It just sits on your cheek so, when you swipe your hand

Priced at 850 INR, this is not something that I would have instantly brought unless A. it looked this cute –B. It was not limited edition - Don’t want to regret later. So, yeah TBS played the right strings for me *wink*

All in all it’s a fun product which will be amazing for college go-ers but then its not priced for them. Do check on your lips once before buying as it might not even show at all on darker pigmented lips. Also, it might not look nice on the chocolate beauties.


  1. me drooling over gems !!!! dis product reminds me of EOS Lipbalm

  2. I almost bought this today....infact I was in The Body Shop one hour back picking this item, thankfully I thought of waiting for a review before buying it. I was so compelled actually, now I can sigh!!!

  3. I love the packaging a lot but the shade is too sheer for my dusky skin,I love how it shows up on your hand swatch pewtty!


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