Simple Hibiscus Nail Art - White and Pink on Pastel Green

Sep 10, 2012

Do you like Hibiscus? This nail art is a sort of hibiscus but I could not use reds so, here it is with pink on white on a pastel green base. Hope you like it.

This was done in quite in hurry on my bed minutes before I went to sleep on Thrusday because my colleagues have started to ask why-no-nail-art?  So, the colors might not look very fresh. Also, it was raining today, nothing can look good today.

BTW, it reminds me that I could not buy MAC My Paradise - badly wanted to have it but the time I wen to stores, it was OOS - poor unlucky me *sad face*

Hope you liked this done in hurry nail art.

Pastel Green - NYX Pastel Pistachio. Reviewed HERE along with Pastel Yellow and Cloudy !!!

PS: What are you doing in this rainy days? I am just stuffing myself with all sort of fried stuffs - pakodas, french fries and what not.

@Bloggers - how are you clicking with the Sun? I am missing him - only for the light - no heat required - PLEASE!


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