Shu Umera Eyelash Curler In My Mailbox! I Won Asian Beautifier's Giveaway

Sep 21, 2012

Thank Sonali - Hugs and Kisses to her! Some of you might have know already that I won the giveaway. Sonali of Asian Beautifier (she does awesome FOTDs - do check them out) organized a giveaway with the Naked Palette but I wanted not the first prize but the second - Shu Umera Eyelash Curler because it is something I wish to have but will never spend my money. Naked? I CAN buy it *wood touch* but I am not willing to do it.

Anyways, Mom called while I was travelling back from office

Me : What?
Ma : There is a parcel in the letter box with your name but no one ringed the bell. Who could be it?
Me (thinking) : what it might be....
Ma : I have not touched it but it has a seal saying 'Custom Cleared'
Me (thinking) :  I have not shopped from for ages and have never give my Kolkata address to anyone. Who could be it?......Ohhhhh Myyy God....SONALI!!!
Me :  Please take it and keep it safely  - its very very precious.
Ma : But I left home and its still in the letter box
Me (thinking) : What if someone picks it up? Gasp

So, with my heart in my mouth I reached home and found the Queen on the stamp smiling at me...ahhhh the feeling you get your international packages reaches you safely in not comparable  to ANYTHING under the sun.

Hence, now I am the PROUD owner of SHU UMERA eyelash curler.

Participating in a giveaway - FREE
Winning the exact gift that you wished to win - PRICELESS
The gift reason you safely after travelling half the world - *Insert a word with the double intensity of PRICELESS*


  1. wow! congrats! do review it soon and how diff is it from the unbranded curlers of similar shape we get here?

    1. All i can say so far is that this one is not making L lashes like others do

  2. wow cngrts dr :)
    yes the feeling of gettin international packages is just waow :)

    1. undoubtably! But I like it everytime I receive anything in Boxes...ANYTHING!!

  3. Aweee I am so glad that you're happy to receive the curler! It is indeed a priceless feeling when we get something we have been desiring for a long time! Thanks for writing an awesome post on it, I hope you are enjoying using it as much as I do! xoxo


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