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Sep 13, 2012

I recently realized how wonderful the Revlon Matte lipsticks are. Problem? No one have them! I went to the multi-brand outlets of Revlon but other than Colorburst, nothing is in stock. In few they hardly had the testers. So, the savior from those irritating SA - online shopping. But I could not find the ones I required anywhere and then I discovered - The VioletBag.Com.

VioletBag.Com had 2 of the 4 shades I required. I registered instantly and found 250 Violet Points! I had no idea what to do with it so I placed my order - 2 Revlon Lippes and 1 Maybelline Nail Polish that my cousin liked from my Maybelline Colorama Collection. The total amount was more than 1000 so I was entitled for a FREE gift. How cool is that? Can you expect any more pampering?

But then the rainbows were gone when they replied that one of the Revlon lipstick was not in stock. I was heartbroken. 
A. I may never have the Revlon Lipstick in my life. 
B. Free Gift! Gone!!

I mailed them my concerns and they said the golden words - You are still entitled for the FREE gift! Woooooo hoooooooo

So, I finally got - Revlon Stormy Pink and Maybelline Astral. Free Gift? Aloe Vera gel which is going to spend its life inside my office drawer for emergency purposes.

Sweet Point

1. Love to Customer - Getting points as you shop. I have got 250 for registration, 350 for online payment, 63 for the order delivery and another 100 for first order bonus! I am yet to figure out how to use it but this will surely tempt me to buy again.

2. Respect to privacy - Many online stores have started selling a lot of things but the issue is they have the invoice pasted/sealed on the box. If I ask anyone else to receive it then the person will know what I got. A lot of time, the orders are received directly by the mail person in my office and he is the last person I want to share what I brought. But they have a nice solution - fold the invoice into half - you can see the amount but not what you got. Wondering about the 0 INR item? The Gift!

3. Care for Customer - The mail that one of the item was OOS was soo polite that I could not be mad at them for a second. I told them my concern and they sent me the 1K amount gift even when they are going to refund half the money I spent.

4. Gift - Most online stores have stopped the concept of free gift. Maybe it was till the period they wanted to  grow a customer base. This darling website still have the concept.

5. The things that other website do as well - Free shipping over 500 INR, Tracking number, good courier (Blue Dart for me), faster delivery, choice of online payment, COD,  payment by Credit or Debit card.

Bitter Points

1. COD requires 70 INR more. Irritating. Luckily I hardly go for

2. Every shade had its own page. I find it better when they are grouped together. You need Revlon Matte Smoked Peach Lipstick then go to Lipstick -> Filter by Revlon -> Get inside Revlon Matte lipstick and choose your shade - Simple and Clean plus Saves time. When I shopped they had it that way but now it seems every shade has it own page.

3. I could not find any interesting discounts.

 Will I shop again? Yes as long as I can figure out how to mange the one page for one shade issue.The customer service surely deserves five stars. I wish they include more and more brands.

Link - VioletBag.Com

Have you shopped from this website? How was your experience? 


  1. yups i hv had wonderful experience shopping frm dis site ... nice haul

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