Official Announcement - I Was There At Signature Premier Fashion Week Kolkata (with Caviar Nails!)

Sep 17, 2012

Why was I missing during the weekend? Coz I was attending the Fashion Week Kolkata! Why have I not declared about it before? Coz it felt too good to be true and so, I was not sure till the last moment I was there though I had All Days - All Access Pass!

The best of it was the shows but what I enjoyed more was being with the girls all the times and tons of people whom I met there. It was great fun.

The main theme of most shows revolved around handlooms, weavers of Bengal and comfortable blends of cloths - which was the main theme of the show.

DAY1 14th Sept '12- I was note even aware that I had a All Days - All Shows pass! I realized it when I was in office  and I could not have attended it anyways so, I skipped it. Shit!

DAY2 15th Sept '12 - I was there for two shows. There was lot of fun in Agnimitra Paul's show where models walking on the ramp chewing Pan on the tones of Gangs on Waseypur by DJ Askhay  - Tanik Palatkar Toh Dekhiye! Then the Madhubani prints, creative drapping and wonderful layering by Monapali.

DAY3 16th Sept '12 - I was there the whole day - the first bloggers to reach and the last one to leave - nothing that I wished to do but it happened that way. I will talk about all the shows one by one. The best part was I got to see Raima Sen!

DAY4 17th Spet '12 - I am not going. I am sure the show by Manoviraj Khosla is gonna be stunning but I cannot be there today.

And BTW I tried Caviar Nails for the shows - had to be BOLD in some way!

I will talk about EVERYTHING that happened there so, STAY TUNED!

Keep Smiling


  1. Like those caviar nails,post a close up shot soon :) hope u had tons of fun at the event :D

  2. oh u didn't go today.....I was waiting for some updates on the Manish Malhotra show :(
    love love love those caviar nails :) (Oops 'Caviar' is now copyrighted by Ciate, so beware ;)) Hope you guys had loads of fun in the events :))

    1. A. Manish is not there! Please don't be shocked. Imagine what I had to deal with when I have told EVERYBODY that I am going to HIS show!

      B. I had read enough of that debate and I am totally supporting the amazing nail art bloggers and so using Caviar nails. Its the same thing even if I call them Fish Egg Nails!!!

    2. OMG...I was looking forward to his show and Agnimitra Paul's mostly...I can totally understand what you must be feeling!

      and on point B, I agree completely...the nail bloggers came up with the caviar nails way before the copyright issue...the whole issue actually sounds silly!:-/
      P.S. where did u get those caviar beads from?

  3. you rocked those nails..dekh people want an even closer close-up than this!

  4. Totally love the caviar nails!!!
    Do drop by my blog sometime.
    And do follow if you like! :)


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