My Maybelline Colorama Nail Polish Collection - ( 15 So Far )

Sep 9, 2012

I wanted to show/swatch them for a very long time but then came the location issue (in my home in Kolkata I am yet to decide where to click pics so that I can get the best) camera issue (which is why I am still using my mobile to click pics), then the Indian monsoon because of which there is no Sun and I click pics only under sunlight. But finally thought its raining and I had to click them under shade - I could not stop myself any longer. So, here are all the Colorama Nail Polish that I have.

My first Colorama was Black and I told you the story long back.I have 15 Colorama now - Only 13 in the pic as I forgot 2 while clicking the pic.

 I have always loved them for their quality, drying power, and stay. They are now priced at 100 INR but I have them for even 85 or less when I got them from online websites.

I have always wonders what the Cremso and other details mean because I am yet to formalize a theory depending on 2 colors with the same name. Do you know what they stand for? I asked many SA as well but they are not aware.

Type -  Cremso Intenso

1. Black - Intense Cream Black
2. Cafe Brasil - Dark Red
3. Garbiele - Bight Red
4. Noite Quente - Plum Pink
5. Equilibrita - Mauve
6. Amahencer - Baby Pink
7. Absinto - Mint with very very fine shimmer.

Type -  Artistica Unhas Decoradas  

8. Verde Palmeira - A very unique green. Thumbs up for this.

Type -  Maxima Duracion Color Irresistable 

9.  Beige Natural - My Favorite. Used it till the last drop and this is my second bottle.
10. Rosa Cristal - My least favorite. It is a shimmer tansy pink. I hate these texture. 

Type -  Verniz & Cor Esmatte 2 em 1 

11. Vinho Reserva - Got for my Mom. Plummy Red.
12. Bale Classico - Looks like sister of Beige Natural but a bit darker than Beige Natural.
13. Coral Chic - Another top favorite. Light peachy coral with fine shimmer like Absinto.

The ones missing in pic

14. Brillo - Transparent top coat. On my 3rd bottle now.
15. Astral - Sister of  Amahencer.

Funny SA Story (yes, there is always a funnier one in Store...pun intended) - Last week, I asked the Maybelline SA about BABY lips and she thought I was crazy. I went to the store again this week and asked and she almost bit here lips and said  - yes, we got to know about them recenlty.

Bamn! And you said there is nothing like that!!!

Anyways, I am not that rude to say something like that to her so, I changed the topic and asked her about the new shades in Colorama. This time she said that they did had some colors but now they are OOS. I asked her to tell me the names because it happen all the time that they try to pass on the odd product as new launch or they just launched a old product. Answer came from SA - The names were very tough. I cannot remember. Are you kidding? Seriously, are you kidding? 

I went to another store and asked anything new was launched recently.

She said - Yes!! Yes!! Bye-Bye Lips! Why will I say Bye Bye to my lips but then it occurred that she must have meant BABY lips. Luckily, I discovered what was new in Colorama myself because she could say funnier names of the same.

Swatches? It is very difficult to swatch all of the 15 colors together so, you can check the ones I have already swatched - Amahencer and Beige Natural.

Please let me know if you need me to swatch anything. 


  1. I love the colorama nail paints! So affordable and soooo many shades!

  2. Ooooh Pretty Pretty Coral chic is looking so fresh and peppy! I wanna snag them all

  3. Me to love Colorama.
    i have only 4 of them .. but what to try more.:)
    lovely collection you have:)

  4. wow! amazing collection...
    I'm your new follower..
    Do check out my blog too

  5. Hei! In blog post you asked what "Cremso" means. On nail polish bottle is written "Cremoso" and that is portugues word for "creamy"... So you have "Cremoso Intenso" = intense creamy nail polish. "Artistica Unhas Decoradas" = artistic decorated nails ( unhas=nails). "Maxima Duracion Color Irresistable" = Maximum duration Color Irresistable. "Verniz & Cor Esmatte 2 em 1" = nail polish & color matte, 2 in 1. "Brillo" = shine,glitter. And "Astral" which I don't know what means cuz portugues is not my first language.

    1. Thanks Dear!!! I really wished to know about them. All the colors from Cremso makes sense. But I am not sure why Maxima Duracion Color Irresistable and Verniz & Cor Esmatte 2 em 1 category is done. Coral Chic is not a matte color, its glossy but tis in that 2 em 1 category. Same is the confusion with Beige Natural and Rosa Cristal

  6. I like them.. and I love the Faces Nail polishes too :)
    Should collecting these also :) lovely shades.

  7. i still couldnt figure out which were the new SA told me there r only 4 new shades!! :-/

    1. New are - Absinto, Equilibrita, Bale Classico and another golden kinda color which I found bit boring to buy


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