Maybelline Haul And Offers - Keychains, Eyeshadow Brush And...... Umbrella!!!

Sep 30, 2012


Few week back, I went to every SA in the city asking for Baby Lips. Initially shooed me away saying there is nothing like that! Later on when they realized their mistake, they started saying - next week. I ended up giving my number to all the SAs so, that they could inform me when it comes. Luckily I found a new SA in a shop in New Market and I gave her my number just to keep up with the ritual *wink*. And then I saw the offers - "Umbrella? You are giving umbrella as gifts? Please keep one for me when I come next week." She just smiled.

Mid week I got a SMS saying they have baby lips and color tattoo and it was from a shop in New Market. I have given my number to 2-3 shops in New Market alone so, I messaged back saying I will come on Saturday so, keep my umbrella ready. Cut to Saturday - I went to one of the shops in New Market and asked her about the umbrella. 

She said - "Okay but then you will not get the key chains and eye shadow brush!" 

I walked out of the store and realized - this was not the shop I saw the umbrella! 

So, I went to another one and the first question I asked - "Umbrella?" 
"Yes! (saying to other says) She even said that in the message!" 
"But you will give me the key chain and eye shadow brush as well!" 
"Yessss.....Now choose what you need!" 

And I choose

Color Tattoo - Bad to Bronze and Edgy Emerald - Eye Shadow Brush Free with each
Baby Lips - Mango and Coral Crush - A Pucker Up Baby Key Chain Holder Free with each
Dream Lumi Touch Concealer in Honey (the darkest shade) 

Other then that for shopping of 1500 INR - 
Umbrella - Pink or Purple
Shopping Bag (Had no interest in this and so, haven't even checked)

On shopping of 2000 INR 
Trousseau Box

And now presenting the object which decided the shop I shopped in - Purple Umbrella

My mom started laughing - "It looks like you are paid to do a ad for them! Will you ever use this?"  "Maybe...Never"
"Then why are you behaving like this"
"I am bored of getting Vanity cases and pouches" Aren't we all bored of them?

And my Baby Lip in mango with the key chain - Pucker Up Baby!!! I will be using it for a week to check its promise.

The SA might not be having the umbrellas left but you can still try. The shop was A- 18 New Market, Kolkata. Try getting inside Hogg Market from the Simpark Side. Not the shop on the outside late - the SA there will not give you all the gifts. BAD SA! The one here in A-18 New Market ( Mondol Cosmetic World which is the same name as the the one on the road with the Bad SA!) is great. They also have kryolan products in case you were searching for Kryolan in Kolkata. They also had Boots, etc but I was out of time! I am sure I will buy all my products from her now. Ohhh and they also give a 3% discount (better than nothing) - Talk about being pampered.......


  1. Omg sooo awesome :-):-):-) i had read about all these offers on maybelline's fb page but not the umbrella one :-)
    Its sooo cute :-)
    N im still waiting for these to come to my nearby mrkt !!! Sigh !!

    1. ive finally got them :) doing a post on them just now :)

  2. omg now i want the mango baby lips lol. Great haul ^_^

  3. wow, awesome freebies :) I saw them in Bangalore but no such freebies :(

  4. Baby lips.. Im seeing them everywhere thes days.. Awesome haul :)

  5. Nice!! those key chains and umbrella look really cute! Great haul!

  6. *squeals* that umbrella is soooo cute!!! Nice haul!

  7. I bought two baby lips and two color tattoos from Shoppers Stop and I only got the eye shadow brush :(... Shucks she hav gone to New Mkt

    1. thats BAD...what will she do with the left over gift? There is no other use of those key chains!!

      Which shopper stop? Forum one?

  8. That umbrella looks chic! :)

    The other day, even I bought a compact, a lipstick, a cleansing milk & a nail color from Lakme & got a nice clutch free! :D

  9. That umbrella looks so cute! And I wish we got the Color Tattoos in our country :(


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