Maxfactor Max Effect Gloss Cube Wild Cherry 009 Review and Swatch

Sep 2, 2012

I was not born to use lip glosses. The case was true for lipsticks as well untill I realized the colors and texture that suit my lips and skin tone. So, I am on a journey to find THE lipgloss for me. 

Condition for Lip Gloss to come inside my vanity box - 

1. It must not have any form of glitter/sparkles. Once the gloss is gone, the glitters sticks on to lips making a ugly scene. Half of the glosses get filtered at this point for me.

2. Must have good pigmentation and should leave a tint behind. The sole purpose I am using any lip product is to hide my own lip color and enhance my skin tone. The rest half fails at this point.

But makeup world is huge and I finally found my match made in heaven - Maxfactor Max Effect Gloss Cube in Wild Cherry. 

I thought of getting another pink but then I should have some wild scandalous reds in my stash as well *wink*

About them in website - 

Add some shine to your life with the new Max Effect Lip Gloss Cubes ! With 10 sexy exciting shades to choose from, your lips will never need to be bare again. Including fantastic names shades such as Hot Aubergine, Glam Rose and Vibrant Raspberry, they’ll add that extra spark to your make-up look, night or day.


- No Ingredients List - Biggest shock for me!
- No Mention of Quantity - Another shock
- Cute cute packaging - something to cheer me up.
- Normal gloss tip - Thanks for not having a fancy-uncomfortable-tip.


My View

+ No glitter/shimmer
+ Stays on lips for 2-3 hours but lips a tint behind which only goes away while removing makeup.
+ Covers lips completely and uniformly.
+ Cute packaging
+ Non sticky formula
+ Does not feel heavy
+ Opaque formula so not much is required.
+ No fancy-uncomfortable-tip
+ Does not settles on lines.


- Ingredient List? Why are you missing dear?
- Quantity and Use By/Best Before date is also missing.

This thing is something between a lip cream (does not stays on lines like lip cream but completely covers like them) and gloss ( unlike glosses they leave a tint behind and have non-sticky formula)

Price - 400 - 475 INR depending upon from where you buy these.

Repurchase - Sure but in some other color. This one will last ages as I cannot use such vibrant colors daily. I might get a pink again. Damn me!


  1. never saw this dark shade....I have two of them and I'm going for this one too....the best glosses. ingredients on the website....amount about 3 ml? manufacture day and expiry on the white sticky label on my gloss... good lips swatches so neat!!!

    1. That sticker is pasted by the importer so, you cannot trust them 100%. I will check for the ingredients online..thanks Christina


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