Finally Mine - Bourjois Paris 10 Days Anti-Choc 23 Swatch And A Sweet Compliment from Bourjois SA

Sep 3, 2012

Finally, this is mine. I wanted to have this since 9th Nov 2011. I am so specific because that was the day these were launched in Lifestyle GIP – Bourjois Paris 10 Days Nail Polish. Then started my ordeal. When I whet to GIP, it was out-of-stock. When it was stock I found that online shops were selling and so I felt its better to buy it with some off but none had 23. After my wait was over and 23 was in stock in some websites, the price was the same huge one – 380 INR. Yes, the price was what that was stopping me to get this. But even 10 months, I could not keep myself away from this and finally finally finally I Got This!



Painting your nails is now hassle-free! The 10 DAYS nail enamel contains a chip resistant pro-silicium formula and a precise angled touch-up brush for a flawless chip-free manicure with a quick and easy application.

The pro-silicium formula acts as a protective barrier to protect nails from chipping and makes them 2x as strong*.

The brush has been specially designed for a 2-way use. Wide and angled, it perfectly adapts to the nail shape, for an even application from the very first stroke. Its slanted tip allows you to touch up with ease leaving no marks or chips.

Available in 12 shades from natural tones to classical reds and fashion trendy bright colours!

* Scientifically tested on 102 panellists.

** With touch-ups. Scientifically tested on 110 panellists

All our nail enamels are formulated WITHOUT using :

- Formaldehyde
- Toluene
- Acetone
- Phthalates

All our formulas are systematically tested and subjected to 3 strict levels of control:

* Strict selection of raw materials used, in terms of quality and traceability
* Before validation, formulas are safety-assessed by a toxicological expert
* Each production batch is strictly checked to ensure the quality of our finished products.

Our products comply with all international cosmetic regulations (European, Japanese, American (FDA), etc.)
As some regulations are stricter than others, our compliance with all of them guarantees a high quality level.
To ensure maximum quality, Bourjois has a team dedicated to scientific monitoring, with access to the latest toxicological surveys to anticipate any changes in regulations on formulas proposed to customers.
Bourjois therefore applies the strictest requirements in developing all its products in its concern to offer maximum safety to its customers.

Color – the point that made me mad about them. Its khaki green with creamy finish  and here is a open question. Who else has khaki green in India? The option are Zoya Gemma (not in India), Channel Khaki Vert (does not pass my 1K rule), Colorama Militar (not in India) and Maybelline Express Finish Khaki Green (its more olive and does not have similar finish but a shimmery one). So, this is unique – very unique. The nearest thing that I have in my stash is Colorbar Moss Agate.

Brush – It’s a sin to think that Bourjois will do anything without any innovation. This brush is different from the flat 1 second and the curvy tip French one. This has a angled brush – go half using one side, dip the brush in polish again and flip the brush to paint the other side. The grip of the polish brush to assist you while flipping. I have a round base so, I didn’t had issue but those with square base or tiny beds will have issues.

Price – Why Bourjois Paris? Why? Answer me why you have priced them at 380 INR? I want to buy so many polishes from Bourjois but the price always stops me. Sad me.

Re-purchase – Yes for the colors and No for the stupid price.

Sisterly advice - It makes no sense to spend 380 for a color that can be easily duped. If this color does not fancy you then I will name another unique color from the range - #18 – a very unique denim blue

BTW Sweetest Compliment - (From the guy at Bourjois Counter) - What is your field of work Ma'am? By the time we get anything new or even know that we are about to stock something new, you already know about it? *puzzled face*. But it is not rainbows always. Yesterday, I asked the Maybelline SA about Baby Lips and she shooed me away saying there is nothing like that as if I am crazy lady going from counter to counter asking for non-existent products to harass the SAs!!!


  1. I am loving it on your nails :)

  2. i love the shape of ur nails. Any nail polish looks great on ur nails. I remember, I once made a dupe of this color by mixing tiny bit of black with white nail color. This was like more thn a yr back. Yeah, the maybelline baby lips ad was in the HT papers yesterday and still no where stocked! Ridiculous >_<.

    1. I have no idea what Maybelline is doing. Its out to bloggers, its out to media but their own SAs are not even aware if they have anything like that.

      Thanks for the compliments.

  3. i hav been eyeing these too..loved reading ur article

  4. love the color, btw, I know what you feel. A few days ago I came back with the image of the SA's face at the Revlon counter looking at me like I've grown horns when I asked about the Just Bitten lipstain.

  5. nice shade..i've never seen this at any counter. I was searching for a grey and then ended up buying ChG recycle from BJ


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