Cute Discovery - The Rouge Patisserie and Cafe

Sep 13, 2012

"Holly Golightly: You know those days when you get the mean reds? 

Paul Varjak: The mean reds, you mean like the blues? 

Holly Golightly: No. The blues are because you're getting fat and maybe it's been raining too long, you're just sad that's all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you're afraid and you don't know what you're afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?
Paul Varjak: Sure. 

Holly Golightly: Well, when I get it the only thing that does any good is to jump in a cab and go to Tiffany's. Calms me down right away. The quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there. If I could find a real-life place that'd make me feel like Tiffany's, then - then I'd buy some furniture and give the cat a name!"

- Memorable Qoute from Breakfast at Tiffany's

For me the place is a pastry shop. When I was in Noida, I used to go to Theos in sector 50 market when I got any bad feeling. Fixed order - Blueberry Pastry. Boy got me that first time to say sorry (yet the road to MY heart is though my stomach) and ever since I am hooked to it. Cut to Kolkata. There are a lot of pastry shop but none which could delight me. Nobody had blueberry pastry and those who had was nothing like the ones I used to have in Theos. But then found - The Rouge - The Red to take away the Mean Reds (nice catch line no? I guess the owners haven't thought about it!)

I was around this area and I saw the shop - it was so damn dreamy! I was in great hurry so I headed where I had to but later came back just to look what was inside. Wanna see what tempted me?

The Decor Inside - Pastel Blue and Yellow photo frames and the door is also the same (a tiny park on the white mirrors's reflection )

Colorful Cupcake covers/holders inside a glass bottle - someone just seemed to have trapped those fireflies.

The main attraction that you can see from the street - The Macaroon Mountain!

and the Macaroons inside.

 Cupcake on display.

The yellow chair and table on looking the street.

The wall of fame - cook books and other nick nacks which are cute.

No points for guessing that I had the blueberry cup cake!

I loved the place and I wish you also visit it when you feel nothing in the world is going right - and we get those feelings every now and then. The cuteness, the attention to details, the cheerfulness, the color combination, the art, the wallpaper - everything there will lift your mood.

I wish I had more time there and I wish I lived around it but I am sure I will go this Christmas for my first Red Velvett Cake.

[ EDIT 2nd Dec 2012 - I went there to celebrate my blogs first anniversary. Check it out here. ]

Where - The Rouge, 222 AJC Bose Road, Kolkata 033 4067 6111
Whats in Store - Fresh melt in mouth cupcakes and macaroons. Shakes, coffee and other drinks that I feel you will love when you visit that place. The cakes needs to be ordered in advance.
Hope/Wish - I wish Sumedha Singh take some cupcake class. I would love to wake up to make a batch of cupcakes to feed Boy...even if don't want to.....arghhhh I am missing him soo much now.

Anyone been there already?

Keep Smiling and Spread the Smile.


  1. Ok........this place is in Cal???? Give me directions...quick!!

    1. it just on the beck bagan bus stop - near kalamandir - 222 AJC Bose Road

  2. close to the old office of Alliance Francis (sorry for the spellin)

  3. yes been there many times:))lovee the macaroons and the red velvet cupcake

    1. i realized they have red velvet cupcake when I saw the menu again after coming to home - i would have it the next time I go there


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