Bourjois Paris 1 Seconde Gel Nail Enamel 09 Lavande Esquisse Swatch and Review

Sep 6, 2012

This is one of the oldest polishes from Bourjois. Not as old as their blushes but yes, older than Anti Choc Nail enamels. So why I want to talk about them? They have launched new shades in this and I got one of them - 09 Lavande Esquisse.



Not only is our Bourjois 1 seconde Nail enamel easy and speedy to apply but it gives your nails that salon smooth finish in 1 second* thanks to its gel texture.

Its one-coat gel formula, enriched with silicon gives nails the perfect curve and an ultra glossy result. Its fan-effect brush adapts to the size of each nail for an ultra quick, neat and groomed result in just 1 second, with a single stroke!

Available in 14 trendy shades. Apply like a classic nail enamel. 

50 second** drying time.
*User test on 33 volunteers ** Scientifically test on 33 volunteers

The texture is very smooth and scratch resistant. When it was new it used to bubble up while applying. I went back to store and asked them they were clueless about it. I left it lying down for some days and now, the problem is GONE! Yeah! I accidently came to know how to treat bubbled nail paints.

The color is a light lavender in bottle but comparatively darker on nails. It can a said as a dupe of YSL La Laque Couture Nail Lacquers 13 parme graffiti. The closest color I have to Lavande Esquisse is Faces Wild Mauve but the texture of this is far superior than Faces Wild Mauve. Lavande Esquisse does not fade and the tone does not change.

The brush is flat and fluffy – no issues with the bed shape like Anti Choc. The color is thick, creamy and opace so, no need to go coat after coat. Still out of habit I have done 2 coats here.

Repurchase? I This was actually a result of a frustrated haul. (Can you imagine I didn’t got the Khaki Green that I wished to have for 8 months but this one which I saw the first time in the store? ) I might get the Blue Water soon only the huge price of 380 INR hurts me when I think of buying it.


  1. ahhh this is a lovely color <3 I am eyeing on this shade for quite sometime, but the price actually creeps me out :(

  2. luvly color....I always have a special love for ur nail polish reviews....U have good nails...

  3. lovely nail color. Yes, the price tag of this is kind of making me take a step back lol. Though I own a color from this line. Used it up long time back and loved the quality of it ^_^.

  4. thats a lovely shade..but i think its dupeable..maybe il find it in colorbar..

    1. i love colorbar for their variety but i have never found anything of similar finish from Colorbar. please share when you find a dupe. :)

  5. I just have it on ^^ The color is great but it only looks like gel when it's wet or do I have to apply 3 coats? cuz I always apply 2!

  6. Hey.
    Nice Blog.
    Btw, where do you buy Bourjois in Kolkata?


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