A Showcase of Pearls by Susan Mantosh with Showstopper Raima Sen for Signature Premium Fashion Week Kolkata

Sep 20, 2012

One lesson I learnt after attending the fashion week was that posting for a show is really difficult. Hence, the slow speed in posting them. This post is about the wonderful pearls jewelery that Susan Mantosh showcased in Signature Premium Fashion Week Kolkata.

All the pearls are real. Some of the pearls are colored as well. Here, take a look at them -

And for those who thought that Pearls are only for women.

The hair was very dramatic with a square bun and a round bun on both sides. The eyes were winged and filled with a black eyeshadow.

And enters the showstopper - Raima Sen

And then with Susan Mantosh

Look at the hair!!!!!

And we met her at the lounge again at Tantra. Susan talked about all the types of pearls, how crushed pearls was eaten by Egyptian as aphrodisiac, how to identify the natural pearls from the fake ones and why pearls are beautiful. She said - "If you there is a kitty party or a lunch, what would you wear? If you wear gold then people will say unnecessary showcase of wealth. You cannot wear diamond sets in broad daylight and then the choice is a beautiful set of pearls."

Photo By Debi of Fly Song Bird. Susan was calling Raima to join us at the lounge.
She is a very lively woman and I loved her to the core. We also met her daughter Joanne who is in simple words - Awesome! I wished we could have talked more and learnt more about things but we had our next show to catch.

PS: She is calli


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