What Happened in Saket and Colorbar Opens a New Flagship Store

Aug 24, 2012

 When I was in Noida I always used to crib that I have to go all the way to Saket for the colorbar store. At times, I use to travel by metro for more than an hour just for the colorbar store. So, last week when I was there, the second point in my to-do-list was to visit Colorbar Saket. The first thing was obviously Forever 21 (was in store for more than 4 hours to make sure I didn't missed anything and the bill was around 5K)

Sight at Colorbar Saket - Filled with lot of new girls who are completely new to makeup and I could not find a single lady whom I recognized. Finally recognized one lady in that crowd and found that they all were new trainees. I was real early in the store (11AM!) and all the trainees were doing their own makeup. It was real fun!

I spotted a new variety of lipsticks along with our very favorite velvet ones

"How much are these?" 
A lady sweetly replies - "New Range - 300 INR"
A chain of thoughts hit me - 50 INR more than Velvet but new range so lets try this baby

At counter - "Add this. How much do I need to pay?" 
"*Some XYZ*" 
"But this is 300 right?" 
"No, 450" 
*in deep shock*  But I could not say NO and so I had to get it.

While going out I saw a really nice shade of green on her nails
"Which shades in colorbar? Mujhe Chahiye!" 
She replied with a smile - "Tips and Toes"

I almost had a mini heart attack. I wish I has said to her - Lady you are sitting in middle of the most gorgeous colors and you have on your nails a color of some other brand? Even Mehek rated them as the top 5 products from Indian Brands in Temptalia!

I entered the Lips Don't Lie - a Colorbar Event (the first pic in the post). Read about that in Pooja's Blog but the last date is up *sorry*. Orange is Obsessed Orange and Pink is Lip Smacking Cherry

Colorbar in Noida - Yes, you heard it right and maybe why they had so many trainees who obviously are yet to finish their training. I was very delighted to see the store and I think one lady from the Saket store has shifted here. I went there and thanked them that they finally have a store here in Noida - no more 2 hours of train travel for a lipcolor! The lady said - you are always welcome. Ohh the warmth of a colorbar store. I wish they open more and more stores soon. I wish I could spot one in Kolkata ASAP.

PS: They were not aware that I took pics. I talked to them. They said NO. Went away. But, the readers in Noida MUST KNOW about this. Comes back. Acts to play with mobile but clicks pics. I am not a stalker right? 


  1. Oh God how I hate having missed this trip :( *sobs* i have been dying to visit CB saket 'coz I so wanna try out 2 shades from the Creme touch lippies (yup the same ones priced 450 bucks!) i have been going nuts hunting for those but they are not yet available in most counters..ahh i'd have so loved to catch up with u on this trip.. my bad :(

    1. i missed u a lot sweetheart! I got one from Creme Touch - Dreamy Pink. Is this the one you were searching?

  2. That was a funny write up. Yes, even I am so badly wishing that both Colorbar and Faces came up with their standalone store and the kickass offers here on Kolkata. I ahve been even bugging them on fb every now and then. :(

  3. haha! not a stalker! jus a makeup obsessed gal!! :D
    U know..I wish colorbar didnt jus rev up prices for no reason. it wud hav done well as an affordable makeup brand. the latest lip glosses are 550/- O_o i m not sure if thats reasonable. u tell me?

    1. yup...the 550 and 400 ones were launched together. I swatched all the 400 ones here as I was sure no one will bother for the 550 ones. Many companies have glosses of that range but then that's majorly because they have to pay extra to govt. as being a non-indian player in market. this is an Indian company and still.....even I have similar complain for Lakme but then they have a brand ambassador and sponsors fashion weeks

  4. Whenever I'm in vasant kunj(not saket).. I make sure I visit Forever21 tooo :D n u seem to be like addicted to make-up.. haha.. good good..

    wud u like to follow each other? Let me knw! :)

    Maybe you have time to read my new post is up: Life amidst chaos: Can you handle it?

    ~Boomerang Plus


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