Upto 50% at L'Occitane En Provence's End Of Season Sale

Aug 2, 2012

Aren't you all delighted with the Rakshabandan gifts already? (Sorry if ur brother is far away or your case is like mine - Only Daughter!)

Well, I just got a great message from the L'Occitane En Provence store in South City - FLAT 40% Off! I was in my office and could not hold myself there! I called them up but the SA was not sure what was on off and what wasn't. She could have better thrown as wet blanket at me! I forgot the matter but then I just opened the website - Ohh My My! There are products even in 50% off!

What Am I buying thinking of buying? I will get products from the Cherry Blossom Range -whatever is on OFF. I might get a new Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume - My fav of all - just for backup u know. Something from makeup and surely one of those limited edition body butter but I am not using any moisturizer these days. I need to rethink about the list when I visit the store.

Biggest Disappointment - I wanted that Cherry Blossom EDP and its not on OFF - Nothing - not even 10%. Its on my buy-before-the-world-ends-in-2012-list (Yes, I have a list like that!).

There are many ETPs which are having 30-40% off. I just wish you get the ones you wish in OFF.

Good Night Darlings and Happy Shopping
(Both together does not make much sense but you know what I mean. Right Divas?).


  1. I got two of the lipsticks at 50% off from the store. It was too good a deal to resist :)

  2. Hey.. didn't know you from Kol as well! Have to check out the South City counter for sure


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