Hydrate Your Skin in 3 Minutes with 3 NEW Angelica Products!

Aug 7, 2012

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During the Middle Ages in France, angelica was used for its excellent medical properties and as a herb. It was recommended for the overworked or convalescing. angelica essential oil has hydrating and toning properties, which helps restore one's beauty.

Organic Angelica from the Drôme region

In Provence, the Angelica plant can grow to a height of up to two meters in just a few days, thanks to its exceptional capacity for continuous self-hydration. L'OCCITANE has selected an organic angelica from the Drôme region and placed it at the heart of a skincare regimen to include a cleanser, toner, hydration cream, and daily SPF protection with fresh and silky smooth textures. Angelica skincare is formulated with a patented complex of Angelica water to stimulate cell renewal, and Angelica essential oil to support elastin fiber and protect the skin from free-radicals.

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The skincare products in this range are between 1150 to 2995 INR. Check out their L'Occitane En Province Indian online shop HERE.

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  2. Thanks for sharing! It looks so natural, I love it!

    xx Olivia



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