Hotness Meter - Jeans?

Aug 6, 2012

As I saw the poster, I was like what the fish! Will you wear something that change color and that too depending on how HOT you are? What if they change to such a color that they no longer coordinate with your tees? Or What if.....

Gals, please tell me your opinions as I am all confused in there......


  1. This is a very old idea called thermal colour, it was popular in the 80s. I had a tshirt like this when I was small. It used to change from yellow to orange when hot or in the sun. Problem was it turned that way in your hot spots like arm pits, back and boobage. So not a very good idea. :/ Although it loses this property in a few washes. Waste of money my friend!

    1. ROTFL. Thanks for the nice input darling. I do not want to have the arm pits, back etc in another color and that too in this case some other parts altogether....what a mess I am gonna look like! LOL

      Thanks again.

    2. what the crap . . .they want to attract customers or scre them eh ???
      thanks for the info nisha !!!

  2. ugh..des marketing gimmicks r way too crazy !


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