Deborah Milano Ombretto Mono Hi-Tech 05 Review and Swatch

Aug 14, 2012

I got this eyeshadow as a free gift for the purchase. I was really excited about using it. Why not? Gold and taupe brown together in a round tub - so versatile. Mix and match and get the color you want.


Packaging - A tub with a plastic see-though top with black casing. It has a dual sponge tip brush - not very comfortable to use as it looks like but can work with in when you are travelling. The pan looks very beautiful.

Texture -  The gold is smooth but the brown is bit chalky but still blendable.

Stay - I generally try out all my makeup items during weekends but I was in too much hurry to try this and so, I wore it in office one day. When I saw my face after an hour in the mirror, I could not believe myself - my face was all covered in gold shimmer. Imagine being a disco ball in office. I wiped my face clean and tried it again the next day with a bit of foundation but again - fallout. I have never seen any other eyeshadow with such huge fallout - luckily I have not paid for this!


Final Verdict - I have tried all methods possible and always end up as a golden disco ball. I am as angry with the product as the angry bird in the pic above.


  1. It looks so pretty in the pan, too bad it didn't work out so great..that birdie really looks angry! :p


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