Shop Boots Products In India - ONLINE!!!!

Jul 20, 2012

I have nothing else to do than browsing website and buying things online because my camera is broken and I do not know how to live without posting anything! A lot of my time now goes in buying online and reading (good for me *wink*). And just now I found something really amazing - BOOTS products online!!!

And that too in our very know website - Stylecraze!!!!

Boots Product Online in Stylecraze

You might be thinking that I must have got something but I didn't *big smile* because what I need is not there - Coconut and Almond Hair Treatment. Well, I have mailed them that I need it (lets see when thy bring it online *fingers crossed*)

PS: hoping that they add more stuffs from Boots

PPS: Pooja of IVC is the luckiest person for me. Only today morning I was cribbing that I need Boots stuffs and I am not getting any XOXO.

PPPS: I am neither getting paid by them for this post not they told me to do the post. I am soo happy that I felt I GOTS TO SHARE 


  1. Ha ha I know the boots cravings are mad!! I plan my holidays and hotel stays abroad near boots stores and keep hauling like there's no tomorrow whenever I shop at Boots :D

    1. he he he...let me know when u do those there-is-no-tomorrow hauls..i will push in some stuffs from my list...LOL

  2. Isnt stylecraze amazing for reaching out to the oh-so-unavailable-products-in-India :p lol

    I am sure chetna would bring the one u want to you for sure :)
    Thanks for sharing :)

    1. fingers crossed that they update the one that I need soon! and yes they are nice and bring up all those brands that we wanna try

  3. I saw few Boots products on fashion & you that day...not sure if its available now

    1. Dear Ray, I do not like F&U for the late deliveries and issues. Already faced an issues when a simple product was delivered after 1 month and that too wrong! don't wanna take more chances

  4. wow you have given me some really nice information... In am loving it.... thanks a lot
    I am new to your blog :)

    1. WELCOME! thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment XOXOX

  5. Hi thr!
    Got your blog link from Mehak's blog..
    I am searching for Boots evening primrose oil... but I dint find that on stylecraze..:(
    Plz do letme know if thrz some site which has it and delivers it in India.
    BTW I am Nidhi... I run a blog on nutrition... Do drop by
    Good Day!
    Keep up the good work! Tc

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