Pore Unclogging Wash - Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Pore Unclogging Wash Review

Jul 8, 2012

*This is part 2 of the 3 garnier products review.*

What the Garnier Website says about it

Garnier PureActive is a new generation of concentrated formulae tested on acne-prone skin.

Is PureActive Pore unclogging wash made for me?

Yes, if while cleansing you wish to deeply purify pores and remove inlayed impurities in search of a perfect skin result.

It’s secret?
An unprecedented association in the formula which fights imperfections and their marks.
Concentrated Salicylic acid is one of the most efficient exfoliant actives.The proven power of plants - HerbaRepair is a natural active extracted from Vaccinium myrtillus with exceptional regenerating and skin-repairing properties*

*tested in vitro


Present Skin Story -  My biggest issue with reviewing this is that my skin is not at all acne prone. Before leaving Delhi, I was having tiny pimples on my forehead but that was simply because of the heat there because they were gone in 2-3 days after I came here. But after I came here, I had a different issues altogether - my skin became an Oil Tank! There were tiny pimples on the T zone. So, I got to try it on my Dry Delhi skin and also my oily Kolkata skin and here are my views.

Sweet Points 

  • Does not dry skin and yet effective in removing oil. The secret might be the presence of Salicylic acid.
  • Pocket friendly. The price 79 INR for 50gm is decent for a face wash.

Bitter Points

  • Does not live up to its claims. It did nothing for the pimples that I got because of the oily skin that I have here.

  • Very runny in consistency. It should have been a bit more thicker.

  • Its comes in a tube but the product is so runny that it comes out of the tube. Not a travel friendly tube. I cannot even keep it with the lid down (the way it supposed to be kept) as the product leaks out of it.

Overall - I am not very happy with this product. Other than the cool minty feeling, I cannot find anything interesting in this.

PS: Product sent by PR for consideration. My views are my own and 100% unbiased as always.

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  1. eek! not for me then. Though I am using the uprooting scrub, which is sort of okay.


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