Pastel And Moss Green Nails - Tried Cello tape for First Time + How to do use Tapes in Better Way

Jul 22, 2012

DO you use cellotapes for doing your french mani or any nail art? Well, a week back tried to make the arrows nail art but as you can see, I failed badly.

Things that went wrong

1. Not aware where to put the cellotape? - As you can see I first use NYX Pastel Pistachio as base all over my nail. Then used the cello tape to make the arrow for the top part and then used a small square shaped one to make the lower part. When I was putting the lower square the edges didn't coincided with the top ones perfectly. In face for the little finger, the top point was not in line with the mid point of my nail! (I think I might not be talking sense here, eh?)

Solution - Used color tapes instead of cello tapes - they can act as better guides

2. Not aware when to pull up the cello tape? - If you pull the cello tape even when its 90% dry, you can get some ugly marks. As a result, the lines weren't as smooth as they were supposed to be.

Solution - Wait till its 100% dry. No matter what. If you had the patience to cut those tiny sticky cello tape, they you must also have the patience to wait for it to dry. (Sounding like Hitler. No?)

Nail Polish Used

Have you used tapes? 
Please share you tips!


  1. Wow!! That looks gorgeous!! Absolutely love the result...i must try this sometime. I had done candy stripes with cello tape...with red and pink, now I should try this one, chevron :D Thanks for the idea. And yes, that drying part, needs a lot of patience!!

  2. hehe I liked reading it... I do not have the patience to do either..but must say you have done a really good job.. :)
    i didn't even mind/noticed the imperfections you are talking about :D

  3. Great Job! It doesn't look like a first attempt!

  4. wow wow wow...loved the nail paint! btw...your blog is awesome I must say :)
    P.S.: introduced by swarnali :)


    Bong's Belleza

  5. Loved this one! .. and thanks for the tips on how to do nail art using cellotape. Have been wanting to do it for a long time.
    BTW ... I love your blog .. particularly the nail art section :)


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