L'Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum

Jul 12, 2012

Do you end up buying something to reach a certain amount that makes you eligible to get a free gift (or any offer)? Well, I end up doing that a lot of time. Bad Habit. I Know!

This time, it was a set of three beautiful heart shaped pink jewelry box (maybe I will show you that someday) from L'Oreal. Somehow, I could not find anything else to buy. Finally, I saw this. I remember reading somewhere that Argan Oil is a magical product and so, I thought of giving this a try. I am happy that I got this!

I try to keep away from sulphate and silicones products and so, I used to use hair serum very sparingly. I have a bottle of Matrix Opti Smooth serum for more than 1.5 years and still a lot of it left. But, the ingredient in this does not look that dangerous.

Ingredients -

What the product claims-

My Views


1. Does not feel like anything! Not at all greasy. It actually seems to seep into your hair strands. They look naturally moisturized and soft – not the slippery kind! For a person with dry hair – BIG HAPPY NEWS.

2. A very little amount is required. I use something around the size of a coin. Rub it on my palm and spread it on my hair. VOILA. Manageable bouncy hair. 

3. Smells nice. 

4. Have not caused any hair fall.

5. Perfectly priced at 240 INR for 100 ml.


1. I do not know how much Argan oil is there in the product or if it actually does the benefit that it is supposed to do. But, luckily it works so I do not have any particular complaints.

Overall - Loved it! Will definitely repurchase it as it has done everything it has promised, nicely priced and on top of all - Smells good.

*Keep Smiling*


  1. This product looks good. I used Livon potion a few times but it leaves my hair very flat and not at all bouncy. Will try this one when the bottle of Livon finishes. Thanks for the lovely review :)

    1. i can understand what you are saying. This thing actually seep into your hair and its very light. Do try it once ur livon get over. Let me know how it feels when you get that

  2. lol!!! me too have the habit of buying things just to get free gifts.

    I love this serum...all other serums make my hair greasy.

  3. i think the second ingredient dimethinicol is silicone......

    1. yup dear, thanks for pointing out :), but I said 'does not look that dangerous' because compared to other serums out there in market, the number of chemicals is far less.

  4. You know I used this too but didnt quite like it :( Maybe just not for my hair type.

  5. nice post

  6. Have used Livon only...and that too very very lesser number of times..your review tempts me to buy this product...:) Thank you
    Hi I am Nidhi..I too run a blog on Nutrition
    Do check out :)

  7. This serum works even better smooth intense shampoo and the conditioner range. I have tried livon, Silk and shine and matrix. This is the best leave in conditioner.


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