Maybelline Baby Lips in India for INR 125/150!!!

Jul 18, 2012

Guess who just arrived - ( not a baby that Maybelline is selling!) - Its Maybelline Baby Lips!!! *does a quick bhangra on imaginary beats*. For a person waiting for the Maybelline color tattoos( and also for the green gel eyeliner that will be launched shortly as a SA as promised be), this news came as those drizzling rain showers before Monsoon Hit the town (loving Monsoon, hating traffic Jam. How is your city/town keeping up?)


Maybelline New York launches new Baby Lips

A lip Balm that is set to give you the lips you were born with!

Mumbai July ’12: Maybelline New York, world’s No.1 cosmetic brand has launched a revolutionary lip balm to pamper your lips. Baby Lips, which has proved to be a huge success and has achieved a cult following worldwide, is now available in India. The lip balm is a result of Maybelline New York’s fresh and innovative approach that constantly tries to empower women to look their best.
Baby soft lips can finally be yours: forget about dryness or that chapped feeling, as this lip balm not only hydrates your lips but also, protects it from harmful UV rays with SPF20. Its advanced formula infused with exclusive Botanical Cell Repair Concentrate promises to give you renewed, softer lips in just 4 weeks.
Maybelline New York Baby Lips contains all the goodness your lips will need this season. It contains a perfectly balanced blend of superior ingredients such as aloe, honey, a high percentage of shea-butter and a combination of essential vitamins. This innovative lip balm requires only one application to give you instant moisture and protection for up to 8 hours. The lip balm comes in Care and Color range with 7 different bright colours to lighten up your mood.
Baby Lips provides the care you were meant to receive! Adult care for baby soft lips in the most fragrant flavors yet!


The above is the screenshot from Maybelline AU website. Did you noticed something? Only 4 variants! *Gasp* I do not want the case of Dream Liquid Mousse repeated.

Variants as per Australia website - Available in four tempting flavours: 
-Energizing Orange
-Smoothing Cherry
-Anti-Oxidant Berry

Variants as per USA website (and even the french one has the exact same ones in french names) -

-Quenched 005
-Peppermint 010 - WANT THIS! Peppermint is damn good as I learnt after using Burts Bee.
-Cherry Me 015
-Grape Vine 020 
-Pink Punch 025
-Peach Kiss 030

I found that many indian blogs said flavours like Mango pie and Berry! I am so confused now!

So, which one of you is coming to India?


Source - Pic1 Pic2 Pic3


  1. omg!!! so cheap :p (happy monkey dance:p

  2. I have the US ones and really love it..will not be buying the Indian ones..


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