L'Oreal Paris L'Or Electric Color Infallible Eyeshadows - 006 All Night Blue (889 Midnight Blue), 012 Endless Chocolat And 014 Eternal Black

Jul 26, 2012

Have you met them? These are the Infallible eyeshadows from L’Oreal - 

006 All Night Blue (USA Name - 889 Midnight Blue) 
012 Endless Chocolat and 
014 Eternal Black (USA Name- 999 Eternal Black). 
Did u notice how the names have the never-ending feel to it (All night, endless, eternal!)? 
This might be to indicate their lasting stay.

I never thought I can work with pigments but these cannot be called pigments because they are like semi pressed loose powder. The black thing on the top are what press them down as you screw on the lid. My blue one that I have might not have be pressed properly and so, its bit difficult to handle (you can how its flying all over in the above pic...messy eh?). The other two are good to go.

The All Night Blue and Eternal Black were both on the L’Oreal brochure.


Endless Chocolat – Satin Shimmery Chocolate brown.  

All Night Blue – A darkened Navy blue with shimmers.

Eternal Black – Deep matte black with silver sparkles.

All Night Blue and Endless Chocolat are both easy to apply and have a long stay. I used without any primer/base and still they lasted loooong. Both of them are rich in color and works nicely. The All night Blue can be paired with any Indian Dress with Blue in it (The reason I got it *wink*). While All Night Blue might be too loud for many, Endless Chocolat is a safe bet color and it will be difficult to go wrong with it if you are attending any Evening Parties specially those friend’s wedding ceremonies where you are doing a lot of running around and dancing and need your makeup to be at its place for long....till dawn maybe. 

Eternal Black is not as smooth as other. I tried even dab-dab method but it was tough to get the full color of this on lids. It is at best when applied by fingers but then I get no definition. Even while applying, there was a lot of fallout. This one can last only with a great primer underneath it. I might never use it when in hurry. I had too much expectation from this one for color intensity and stay but it needs a lot of patience to churn out those expectations from it.

Final Words – They are semi pressed pigments. All Night Blue and Endless chocolat has a long stay and works even without a primer. I didn’t found any creasing issues so far with these two and no fallouts as well. Eternal Black is not intense and has fallout issues. I felt the price was nice at 450 INR (I got them at 15% off i.e 382 INR) for 3.5g.


  1. I have midnight blue, golden sage, and liquid diamond. haven't tried them yet but I swatched golden sage in store n it felt buttery smooth n very pigmented. The endless chocolat looks really awesome.

    1. Golden Sage is beautiful. I really wanted Emerald Lame(another green) and Black Onyx but I have not seem them in stores :(

  2. they are sooo pigmented.. :)


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