Get Smokey Eyes Bourjois Paris Effet Smokey Eye Pencil 71 Smoked Brown and 73 Deep Green

Jul 24, 2012

What is the first thing that you ask when buying an eyeliner? It MUST not smudge and it MUST stay like a marker pen on my waterline. Right? Or something like it. Right? Well leave all the innovativeness to Team Bourjois. I salute them. Period. For them, I actually fell in love with a liner that smudges. And it not only smudges but it comes with a brush to make sure that you smudge them. Say hello to Bourjois Paris Effet Smokey Pencil in Deep Green and Smoked Brown.  

Whats they said in their website - 

Double-tipped eyeliner to smudge for a perfect every day smoky look! A smoky look available in several deep and intense shades achievable in 2 simple steps:

1) Outline the eye with the pencil.
2) Smudge with the brush.

Its soft, easy-to-blend tip glides along the lashline for an intense outline in one stroke. Its ultra soft brush made of natural bristles perfectly smudges the formula.

The result: a subtle but incredibly sexy smoky look in just 2 steps!

And it's good for the eyes:
High tolerance formula.
Tested on sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
Enriched with natural waxes and vitamins E & C.  

The pencils are super buttery and nothing pokes in your eyes. The brush which I who thought is hard tuned out to be soft to be used as a smudger.

Stay – first day I was happy with my deep green one and liner both lower and upper lids with it. I smudged the upper to make it look like an eyeshadow (ohh it damn gorgeous!). I was roaming around in heat and when I came back I found that the bit of color on the lower lids have moves to the under eye area. Gosh! Then I saw the video in their website and realize that I should not have used it on lower lid at all. Just to give a wash to color, I should have just glided the brush along my lower lid. Also, I used them in this humid weather where everything is melting. I can try it in office (no way!...but can try with the brown one) or at home (my mom will be shocked) or when I come to Delhi (hey…this is possible) and update you guys if there is any improvement (I hope that there will be! I love to too much..sob sob)

The Video of How to Get Smokey Eyes using Bourjois Effet Smokey Pencils  

Swatch - 71 Smoked Brown and 73 Deep Green

They look too sparkly here in the swatch but remember these are a bit magnified version taken directly under the mad hot Kolkata Sun (yes it raining like crazy but then the Sun comes out, it also shows that its Crazy its like a fight about who-is-crazier)

Smoked Brown is a chocolaty brown with very subtle shimmer and Deep Green is a teal-blue with silver shimmer.

Price - I never planned to buy these but somehow the SA forced me to get them. She was forcing me to buy both of them but I only got the Deep Green one. I brought the smoked brown one later online. So, I got Deep Green at 385 INR and smoked brown one at 346 INR.

Will I recommend? – well, these were Anti-ageing Beauty Bible award winner – donno know what they mean and who gives them and how this product which makes not claims of Anti-aging got this! You can live your life without these but then try them once – u might fall in love with them. If you are a novice, I suggest you getting them. If trying smokey eyes with black eye shadow make you look like a panda then you might try the one in black – smokey eyes with no more be an issue. But the price look a wee-bit-more.

Where to Buy? You can buy them from store at full price of 385 INR. I got them online from for 346 INR (have 6 shades). Medplusbeauty have them 269.50 but before you jump and shout with happiness let me tell you that they do not have a single color with them now!


  1. I love all the shades from this range, that's another story that I haven't bought a single one yet :D But I love them on blogs :)
    Since I dun like eyeliners much, I will smudge it to give it an eyeshadow like effect ,,that too when I would buy it :) .

    Deep green looks more pretty than brown one :) and good that you shared the info abt not using it heavily on lower lid :)

    1. deep green is really nice...i wish I could wear it to office :D

  2. I don't think these babies will survive the Delhi heat ;)

  3. Both the shades are nice... i liked the shimmer in them :)
    Nice review :)

  4. I hav been long thinking of buyin one of these..ur post now makes me crave them.
    I wish I cud see swatches of 6 shades before I buy one online.


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