Blackheads Uprooting Scrub - Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Blackheads Uprooting Scrub Review

Jul 8, 2012

Are you enjoying the rain? After days of wait, Monsoon is finally here. I am just reading thrillers and sleeping. I finally switched on my laptop to do some online shopping (yes, totally addicted to that and who wanna step out in rain?) so, thought of finally writing about 3 garnier products (other 2 will be in different posts.)

What the Garnier Website says about it

Garnier PureActive is a new generation of concentrated formulae tested on acne-prone skin.

Is PureActive Blackheads Uprooting scrub made for me?
Yes, if your skin is prone to blackheads and you wish to remove them while cleansing to prevent the re-appearance and clear imperfection marks. 

It’s secret? 
An unprecedented association in the formula which fights imperfections and their marks.
Concentrated Salicylic acid is one of the most efficient exfoliant actives.
The proven power of plants - HerbaRepair is a natural active extracted from Vaccinium myrtillus with exceptional regenerating and skin-repairing properties*

*tested in vitro


My Words fot this Scrub

My love for scrubs is not hidden. I just love scrubs. I am using it for more than a month now.

Sweet Points 

  • The reason why I use it again and again is because the mint extracts in the product. When I got this in Delhi, it was a relief using this product. It leaves behind a nice minty tingling sensation. Loved it. 
  • A very little amount is required.
  • Even when I happen to use it more, it never gave the stretchy feeling. I am sure even sensitive skin will not have any issue with this product.
  • The beads are very gentle and effective - which is great for acne prone skin (my skin is not acne prone BTW).
  • Comes in a effective tube packing and its travel friendly.
  • On top of all its pocket friendly. It for 79 INR for 50gm. I using it on and off for more than a month now and there is a lot of product still left in it.

Bitter Points

  • I do not have black heads but because my skin is oily at time of the year, I had tiny bumps in place of black heads. After I used it, those bumps never disappeared. Maybe it will work for the worst cases of blackheads - helping them to pop out buy I do not think so because it cannot even remove those bumps! I do not think it is a very effective product against blackheads for which it is made.
  • I wish the tube was see through to know the exact amount of product left.

Overall - This is not effective against blackhead but still I will buy this as I do not have issue with blackheads. I loved it because of the minty fresh feeling it leaves behind.

PS: Product sent by PR for consideration. My views are my own and 100% unbiased as always.


  1. i have query on gariner uprooting black scrub....i have used about 3 times in a week...i got shock n upset since my skin is going to like burn patient peeling off....


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